An Essay on Good and Evil

Basic theology on the constantly changing state of humanity’s morality and use of the ancient philosophy of the phrase “evil is the new good.”

Copyright / Written: 9/13/2016 The Magus
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Good and evil are first and foremost all about perspective. The ability of “moral reasoning” as it is called in science is located in the frontal lobe of the brain, which is expanded in the human species, but not in animal species who do not possess this ability. Animals operate mostly on instinct in regards to what they do and while humans do this as well a lot of our perception of right and wrong allows us to bypass base instincts and form ideals and concepts through morality in a way animals cannot.

Humans are very social creatures and we adapt and learn much of our morality based on social systems we are a part of. Every society has different viewpoints on what is right and wrong and there is a lot of variance on these things in different Countries, religions, political beliefs and other social divisions which each have their own views of morality. There are similarities and differences in what is right and wrong (or “good” and “evil”) found in each division of moral constructs.

The important thing to understand is that good and evil is a constantly changing social construct. During what is often called the dark ages we did not have a lot of progressive ideals and morals found in modern America many of which are actually recent in the span of world history. Equal rights based on sex, sexuality, race, and religion are generally considered good by many modern Americans.

Meanwhile in the Eastern world a lot of these things we consider good here are considered evil. What is called “radical Islam” is basically members of the Muslim faith whose differences in belief about morality contradict our beliefs in morality at their basic teachings. This is radical to us, and seen as “evil,” but is benevolent to others and seen as “good” in radical Islam. Radical Islam is far more common in the Islamic world that we are led to believe as Americans by most of our standard institutional education and government. [1] One example of radical Islam is the concept of honor killings, and another is Sharia Law. For the sake of time and because religion is only a small part of the scope of this discussion I am going to focus only on honor killings here.

Wikipedia defines “honor killings” which are supported by literally hundreds of millions of people in the Eastern world of Islam [1] as follows: “An honor killing or shame killing is the homicide of a member of a family by other members, due to the perpetrators’ belief that the victim has brought shame or dishonor upon the family, or has violated the principles of a community or a religion, usually for reasons such as refusing to enter an arranged marriage, being in a relationship that is disapproved by their family, having sex outside marriage, becoming the victim of rape, dressing in ways which are deemed inappropriate, engaging in non-heterosexual relations or renouncing a faith.” [2]

While you will note that American morality would tend to indicate it is not the fault of a women if she is raped radical Islamic belief would state that it is. Likewise radical Islam would support these other concepts justifying the killing of women for not being straight, refusing to be forced into marrying someone against their will, dressing sexy / refusing to cover their face, trying to have freedom of religion, etc as mentioned above.

Here we have strong differences seen in morality in the Eastern world and in the Western world. However these differences are not seen merely in the span of geographically divided religious differences but in a lot of other ways within our own country of the USA.

In the span of time we can see differences in our own Country in what is good and what is evil. From the Colonial days where slavery was considered legal, to the days of segregation for black people when they were no longer slaves, to suffrage where women sought equality to men, to equal rights for homosexuals and other non-straight sexualities, to transgender people seeking equal rights. We see here a clear progression where beliefs which were social norms in the Abrahamic faiths and the Countries which supported these religions are wiped out after thousands of years of support in a mere couple Centuries.

This leads to the understanding of the generational gaps in culture and acceptance. As I said humans are social creatures and a lot of the morals we have that tell us what is right and wrong depend on what we learn from society. Racism was once good and right. What many Americans now call hate speech against non-straight people was once considered good, and supporting gay rights was once considered evil. The same is true with woman’s suffrage, etc. The disadvantage to being “ahead of your time” and foreseeing the changes in morality, political opinion, etc and trying to make progress and equality for others is being rejected by society as an outcast in the time in which you are doing this, only to be accepted in the future.


This leads to the phrase “Evil is the new good” which some of you have seen me use. This phrase is indicative of being ahead of your time in that what is considered evil to one generation is later seen as good to another. There are still many Christians in this Country who oppose equal rights for non-straight or transgender people, because we are in a transitional state. Gay marriage, transgenders using the bathrooms with which they identify with, etc are still considered evil by a lot of people, whereas the number of people who consider these things good is slowly increasing as the time gap forms between generations and social norms are adjusted.

The important thing to understand about the phrase “Evil is the new good” is that evil is also the old good. By this I mean that just as things which were once considered evil by society are later considered good, so also are things which are considered good by society later seen as evil. Beyond the examples I’ve cited things we now consider atrocities against man, such as killing scientists who disprove any part of Christianity, killing people for conducting medical research on dead bodies to advance the field of medicine, or a variety of other things once considered heresy and punishable by death are now acknowledged as benevolent and the people who persecuted those who did these things, in the scope of history are looked upon as evil.

Now the concept of “the path of the left hand” is sometimes mentioned in the occult. Most easily this is defined as walking a path that is outside the boundaries of society’s acceptable standards. The path of the left hand and what it entails depends on what society you live in and what is considered good and evil there. For example if you live in a Country where Sharia Law exists and you are a homosexual this is punished by death and rejected by society in general and would qualify. The same is true, even in America, if you live in a bible belt area where there is a lot of negative stigma and you have “rights” but not social acceptance for being gay.

The term “path of the left hand” actually originates in India a long time ago and was used as an insult, because at the time left handed people were believed to be intellectually and morally inferior to right handed people and the term was meant to express this about people who practiced this path. This referred mostly to the newly developing trantric yoga which involves two things that made it a rejected path. The first thing was the use and application of sexual magick for ritual purposes and the second was bypassing the ideal of working with a deity through worship techniques (which is part of Yoga) and focusing more on systematic techniques which had strength based on the techniques themselves and did not rely on worship of a deity. [3]

This term continues to apply in it’s core concept to the path today. You can say the left hand path is right in time, as a play on words with right meaning “correct” because as societies progress this tends to be true. People who are ahead of their time are the ones who help shape our societies and take steps to influence our perceptions of right and wrong. In America a lot of credit for our progression in the concepts I have discussed in this essay go to the FreeMasons who quietly work from the shadows to build a better world of equal rights for all of us.

The freedoms of equal rights based on sex, sexuality, race and religion enjoyed by Americans today were not free. They were paid for with the literal price of the blood, sweat, and tears of left hand path people fighting against the tide of society.

There is one last concept about good and evil which is often referenced by occultists of the Left Hand Path which is the concept of the cat being both good and evil to different species. I’d like to expand on this concept a little bit to try to open people’s perception farther to this concept.

Many people who are animal rights activists falsely claim that humans are the only animal which hunts for sport. A lot of cat owners know this is not true. Cats can be fed every day, but when outside their instincts kick in and they go hunting. Cats do not just hunt and kill animals. They typically give an animal a mortal wound and toy with it for hours before it dies putting it through what is essentially torture to the dying creature. To humans a cat is a sweet loving and benevolent creature, but to the mouse, bird or any other animal the cat is hunting the cat is cruel.

This is the most basic principle on seeing things from the perspective of a different species. If we as humans encountered a species of animal that was more powerful than us, 5 times our size, and went around not just killing humans but mortally wounding them and toying with us for hours we would undeniably see that creature as evil. If these were ET invaders many religious people would be using this to justify evil, even coming up with connections to their own religious teachings to explain this phenomenon.

This analogy can compare to the concept of working with infernal deities / demons. To a person who works with demons these things are friendly and mean the person who evokes them no harm, much like the person who owns a cat. However to the person on the receiving end of a demonic attack these things are horrible and evil, much like the mouse or bird a cat is toying with.

In my own understanding of religious theology I do not see demons as spirits, but as ET lifeforms, evolved from beasts, who take the form of spirits through out of body projection when evoked through magick. I have written some other work on this already, and this is merely my own philosophy and people are more than welcome to disagree with me without any hurt feelings on my end. However if this understanding turns out to be correct the analogy of the cat and mouse and perceiving things differently depending on which side you are on turns out to not be merely an analogy but a literal understanding of an alien species.

[1] Ben Shapiro: The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority

[2] Wikipedia – Honor Killing

[3] “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Hinduism: 2nd Edition” By: Linda Johnsen

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