Cat Bonding Wrist Chakra Advancement

A basic technique for self empowerment with the use of a cat, preferably a familiar, using yogi chakra techniques.

Copyright Feb 17. 2015 The Magus
Copyright: This document may be distributed freely, but may not be sold.

Step 1: Choosing and using the Symbols

You will first need to choose symbols for what kind of magick or energy you want to infuse into your wrist chakras. Your symbol can be anything from a symbolic image or diagram to simply a word written in a sacred /magickal language. If you do not know any sacred languages you should choose one that is appropriate to your purpose and write the word in this language.

This empowerment will connect the wrist chakras to energy sending systems which will move through the hands and fingers. There are five fingers on the human hand, so if you use any numbers or diagrams 5 is a good choice, such as a pentagram.

There are two methods of drawing the symbols on your hands. The first is to use regular ink, and the second is to use henna tattoos which means the ink will last longer before fading.

Examples of what you want to advance depends on what you are infusing into your chakras. You could simply draw a heart if you want to work with love energy, draw a pentagram to focus on the number 5, draw a personal sigil that represents you or the cat you are bonding with, or a deity you work with, or write a word in a sacred / magickal language that connects to what you are attempting to empower yourself with.

Step 2: The Sacred Water

If you are writing with a pen on your wrists you will want to use the sacred water before writing on your wrists, and also when you wash the ink off of your wrist. If you have a good quantity of holy water you should cleanse your entire hand and wash or anoint your hands with the holy water before starting. Any kind of sacred or holy water can be used for this depending on your particular religious or spiritual path. If you do not know how to make holy water and do not have access to and do not know where to get holy water I recommend something called “Miracle II.”

This is a product sold online originally marketed as an alchemy product which is now just marketed as some Jesus thing. This product contains sulpher and should not be ingested in large quantities, but for this purpose it works fine. If using this particular product think of it as an extract and mix about a teaspoon of Miracle II into a normal sized glass of water before using and a single bottle or two should be enough for the whole year. For marketing purposes the Miracle II product comes in many formats like shampoos and stuff. Make sure to just get the holy water version.

Step 3: Turn on your wrist chakras.

In this stage you must practice extending the energy of your wrist chakra into your hand. If you are unfamiliar with any techniques that activate the wrist chakra there is a simple technique you can use which is designed to create energy balls using the wrist chakras.

Extend both hands completely straight out directly in front of you. Face one palm upward and one palm downward. Open and close your hands 20 times in a row, synchronizing so that you are opening and closing them with the same timing. Reverse the palms so that they are now both facing in the opposite direction they were before. Your downward facing palm now faces upward and your upward facing palm now faces downward. Open and close your hands another 20 times synchronized at the same time.

Bring both hands inward towards your chest and imagine the shape of a sphere in your mind and hold both hands towards each other as if they are outside of the sphere. Focus on the energy in your wrist chakra extending from your fingers and into the sphere. Focus the energy in your wrists spreading through your fingers and into the energy ball, and then focus the energy in the energy back through your fingers and into your wrist. Repeat this flow of energy several times and focus your intentions into the energy on the purpose of creating a 2 way energy conduit connecting your fingers and wrist chakras together. These energy balls can be charged with a variety of psychokinetic abilities if you have them, but also serve the purpose of activating and turning on your wrist chakras which is what we are using them for here.

Step 4: Cat Bonding

In this stage you will be bonding your chakra energy with the chakra energy of your cat. After completing all of the previous stages the remaining stage is very simple. While your wrist chakras are strong and active focus on a small gold sphere of energy in the very center of the cat’s body.

As you pet your cat start by focusing on your emotions of love towards your cat and attempt to radiate the power of love energy into your cat. As you brush the cat’s fur try to imagine the feeling and sensation of petting the cat taking on a mystical form and extend the energy from your wrist chakra through your hands and into the cat.

A good way of gauging how your energy is affecting the cat is any sensations you may notice with your five senses. For example if your sensation of touch as you pet the cat has a more pleasurable feeling than likely your cat is enjoying the energy.

This technique is learn as you go, but as you bond with your cat you will merge many of the cat’s natural and latent magickal energies into your wrist chakra and will also merge the energy in your wrist chakras with your cat. This process, done properly, will bond you and any cat you use it on more quickly and will have permanent empowerment effects for both you and any cat you use it on.

Make sure to note any kinds of energy your cat does not like or is not particularly comfortable with. If you pay attention to your own intuition, and your 5 senses in how the cat is reacting, this should be easy to do. If the cat does not like or want any particular kind of energy it should not be hard to tell and you should try something different.

Step 5: Repetition

Repeating this process again and again is important. Simple use of this technique will permanently empower your chakras making them able to release energy through your hands with magickal properties. Cats have many mystical natures, and you can research information on this and use it to develop your own ideas on what kind of empowerment you want to create for yourself and your cat.

Bonding with a cat’s energy will also bond your magick into them and their magick into you. Cat’s possess many forms of magick humans do not possess just on account of the fact they are a different species, and of course working with a familiar has many other advantages.

The full benefits of this technique may not be realized for years, but if you incorporate wrist chakra usage into your magick and spirituality you should be seeing the empowerment for itself within a few months on some level.

By The Magus: 56

I write occult works on my blog "The Magus" and my website The Joker Intelligence Agency as a free public service for religious usage as explained in detail on the websites.

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