The 6 Layers of the Veil of Deities

A map to understanding deities where a veil analogy is used to describe methods through which deities, demons and magickal creatures are communicated with through the occult as defined by the three dimensional universe.

Written / Copyright 5/22/2016 The Magus

Copyright: This document may be distributed freely, in whole not in part, but may not be sold.

Note: The Layers of the veil listed are based on perception through the physical realm. This is based on the pagan ideal of reincarnation and the belief that gods, angels, demons, and other metaphysical beings are ET beings which live on other worlds. The layers of the veil are listed from the physical realm’s perception and may be seen in a different order via other metaphysical perception.  This only applies to religious systems which include ETs, whether or not acknowledged as such by their followers.

The idea behind this is that the closer you are to the top of the veil the more directly connected you are to the actual will of a particular deity, and the farther you are the less connected you are to the true will of a particular deity. Since this article applies to all beings which can be evoked or invoked I am just going to use the word “deity” as a description, but this includes infernal beings who in some perspective can be considered deities in their own right.

  1. The actual deity’s body / soul – This is the most direct connection to a deity where you are connected directly to the deity itself. This is very rare.
  2. The Inner Circle – The inner circle is composed of being who rank under the deity. If you are connected to the inner circle you are connected to the beings who rank under the deity and are in tune with the truest will of the deity in your work.
  3. The Outer Circle – The outer circle is composed of beings who rank under the deity and handle working with those who do not know the true will of a deity and still express loyalty to that deity.
  4. Thought-Forms – Thought-forms may include eggregores, thought form deities, spirits, and god-forms. These are non-physical constructs which often serve the will of a particular magickian rather than working with the will of the actual Kingdom in reference to the deity. In some cases god forms and eggregores can serve as a gateway to the above categories and be connected to the will of a deity or it’s Kingdom as well, but with an indirect connection. These are useful for connecting to large quantities of people and can be used instead of an actual connection to facilitate operations for a particular kingdom without the inconvenience of taking up the time and energy of the above three categories.
  5. Outcasts – The outcasts are souls or bodies which have been cast out of the deity’s kingdom and are no longer affiliated with the deity. These are often directly opposed to the will of a deity and will work with those who are not at all in tune with the deity’s will or the will of His Kingdom, and will often handle and accept requests in magick the actual deity and it’s inner and outer circle will not touch as a result.
  6. Impostors – These are people who have no affiliation with a deity, but which impersonate the deity contacted and activate magick in the name and will of the deity. These may be flesh and blood beings from other worlds who are strongly psychic and can easily change their form in the magickian’s perception to appear as the actual deity or may be spirits who otherwise would not be able to connect to anyone using the impersonation as a method of getting things done.


It should be noted that no matter which of these 6 categories you connect to most magickians will experience the connection as if they are connected to the actual deity itself. Connection to the direct actual deity in category 1 is very rare, and most people will connect to 2 – 4 in their magickal workings. People who connect to 5 and 6 can often over ride this connection by studying and acquiring information about a deity so that their mind is more focused on the actual deity and what they stand for, associating with people who are actually connected to the deity especially in an official religious role, and using the proper sigils and methods create for proper communication. Likewise reading inaccurate information, or associating with people who are connected to categories 5 – 6 can lead a person away from a deity’s will.

While deities who are malevolent or “evil” by human standards can be connected to in the first three categories by like minded people many infernal deities who are not truly evil that are connected to through those who assume they are will find themselves connecting to 5 – 6 as a result. When a person has a form of will that is completely out of line with any particular Kingdom, but believes themselves to be in line with that deity they will often connect to 5 – 6 to get the results that their will desires since 1 – 4 will be incompatible with their will. This creates the experience and belief in their mind they are connected to a particular deity, but this is not necessarily the case.

As you can see from this text there is always a possibility of people being connected to or not connected to the actual will of a deity, but having experiences in magick that might cause them to believe they are, and it is completely possible for different groups to disagree about who is and is not connected to the will of a deity. I will not be sharing any official theology as to who is and is not connected to any particular deity, but hopefully this guide can provide some insight on this topic as to how the connection works and why people claiming to be affiliated with the same deity often have contradicting beliefs about the will of that deity.

By The Magus: 56

I write occult works on my blog "The Magus" and my website The Joker Intelligence Agency as a free public service for religious usage as explained in detail on the websites.

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