The Multi-Verse and the Illusion of Free Will

The multiverse theory (an alternative version of the multiple worlds theory in science) and how this scientific theory connects theologically to the concept of choice and free will stating that time is not linear and choice is a dimension that can be graphed on paper.

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Some basic background information on science is needed here to understand the underlying theological discussions. A dimension is an extent of measurement. In known science there are 4 known dimensions which are length, width, height and time. In quantum science there are 11 or possibly 12 theoretical dimensions beyond this. When you see most people talking about religion in terms of dimensions referring to something from the 12th or 5th dimension you are usually dealing with people taking a religious concept and making it sound scientific so it seems more plausible when they do not even understand what the scientific words they are using mean. You cannot go to or from a dimension because dimensions are extents of measurement through which movement of something takes place, not sources or destinations of something.

A dimension is an extent of measurement can be graphed out. For example a 2 dimensional graph is called a plane which measures 2 dimensions such as length and width. A 3 dimensional measurement is called a Matrix, which measures usually length, width, and height. Imagine there existed an entire set of sentient beings who existed on a plane of length and width in which there was no third dimension of width that they were able to have any awareness of, but which still existed. If a sphere were to pass through the plane from within a matrix that the 2 dimensional sentient beings were not aware existed it would appear as a circle that appears like magick slowly grows bigger, and then grows smaller and disappears. Since a sentient being is only aware of the existence of 2 dimensions they are unable to explain or understand this phenomenon and see it in terms of what they understand.

The Multi-verse theory (which is a scientific theory) is the idea that for every choice an individual makes an entire universe exists in which that choice was manifest. This seems far fetched since our perception of awareness is mostly three dimensional and our brains experience time as linear, but is considered a plausible theory in science. Therefore the easiest way to divide this is into a simple binary concept of 1 / 0 (yes / no.) You either do something or don’t do something, and whether or not you make a choice to do something or a choice to not do something this leads to additional choices that would not be available to you if the other choice had been made. Even in a situation where more than two choices exist this diagram is good for mapping the multi-verse, because you have to do or not do something before proceeding to the alternative decisions.

In the multi-verse theory the perception we have of time-space in the 4-dimensional world (the 4th dimension is time) is perceived only on the choices we experience. We experience reality as if we made or did not make a choice, and the choice we did not make is not experienced in our consciousness stored in the brain. We do not experience the alternate choices that we experience as not being choices we made, and because we do not experience them we feel as if they are not part of our personal reality. The consciousness is therefore being divided into further and further realities the longer we progress through time and we become aware of less and less of the alternate timelines which exist as new choices come into our personal reality that we can experience.

Time is also a dimension which like all dimensions can also be measured on a numerical scale such as with clocks. As sentient beings we experience time as if it is linear. This means we experience going through life, making choices, dealing with the responses of our choices and this entire experience can be measured by us on a linear scale. We do not experience any reality where other choices exist that we have not made, and therefore from our 4 dimensional perception time appears to be linear. If other realities existed in parallel universes from alternative choices we are not experiencing our human brains have no awareness of these choices. If time were in fact non-linear and alternative time-lines existed we would not experience this in the same way a sentient being which was unaware of a third dimension could not experience what a three dimensional object was even if it passed through their two dimensional awareness.

If time were a measurable dimension and choices created through free will were another dimension you could graph the time space continuum of this universe in two dimensions on a plane as a graph, and draw this as a singular line that splits again and again for every choice made. This unseen dimension might be difficult to grasp in the same sense that sentient beings in a 2D plane could not grasp the concept of a 3D sphere moving through their 2D plane, because they have no conscious awareness of or ability to connect to directly to a third dimension. Likewise our brains do not grasp the concept of the multi-verse theory as immediately obvious since we do not perceive reality outside a smaller construct in which we experience only one choice for each expression of free will.

Just as 3D travel through a matrix into a 2D plane that has no understanding or awareness of the 3D dimension so would we with our perception of only 4 Dimensions not be aware of another dimension that connects directly to time which for the sake of this discussion we can just call choice. Adding choice as dimension you would have 12 theoretical dimensions in quantum physics instead of 11, including the known 4 dimensions.

The concept of the multi-verse states that a whole entire universe (or parallel universe as it is commonly called) exists for every choice we do not experience, and in that alternate universe another version of ourselves is experiencing the choice we did not make in the reality we perceive in the universe we are currently in. If you traveled back in time to change the past you would merely create one more timeline in addition to the nearly infinite forms of timelines and correlating parallel universes which already exist with the old timeline remaining intact as well.

While we experience time as if it is linear (moving in a singular direction like a straight line) the multi-verse theory states that time is not linear and in fact branches out for every choice which we make. This is difficult to grasp as our human consciousness only experiences one branch out for every choice made so when we remember things in our brain we only remember the choice me made and have no memory of the choices we didn’t make which are in a separate universe stored in the brains and consciousness of alternate versions of ourselves.

Choices which we appear to be able to make and choices which we actually make may be different. For example an extremely moral person may be faced with what we identify with as a choice to do the right thing or the wrong thing. However due to that person’s moral nature only one manifestation of a choice may exist for them which is to do the right thing and there may be no branch off. Likewise where there doesn’t appear to be an obvious choice a choice may exist, such as to engage or not engage in a particular thought on a particular subject which leads to more choices. The point where choices do and do not exist may not be inherently obvious.

The Hindu transcendentalists refer to our concept and perception of the material realm in the 4-D perception we have of it as Maya, which is transliteration of a Sanskrit word that means illusion. The idea behind this concept is that what we experience as reality is intentionally there to create a barrier preventing us from full consciousness to the divine and all aspects of reality we are not aware of.

This concept applies to the multi-verse. Choices do exist, but we cannot perceive reality as we know it in this construct and perceive all the choices we are not experiencing at the same time.

Therefore our consciousness is divided in this illusion where we experience a linear set of choices. Whether we choose choice A or choice B in the concept of the multi-verse theory we have not actually chosen the choice itself, but merely chosen which reality we enter into and which experience we have. Another part of ourselves has chosen to experience the alternate reality and each choice we have not chosen the alternate choice exists and has an entire universe of physical reality behind it and exists. This applies to every person individually that has the power of choice (provided by having a soul) and nearly infinite realities and parallel universes are formed as a result.

The idea behind this material existence is that we live in the realm of Assiah, which is a Kabbalah reference to a realm in which action is possible. This means it is possible to make choices and do things. All souls come from the source, and inevitably will one day return to the source. There are different terms for the source, and the most common one known to most people is “nirvana” which is a place of rest where Assiah (actions and choices) do not exist.

When we return to the source the division of our consciousness, spread out into nearly infinite paths of multiple universes, each created for every choice we make, all returns to us at once. Every choice we have experienced, and all the other choices, and all the alternative timelines and multiple universes created from each choice which exist that our current consciousness is separated from are all realized and understood.

While today it is easy to grieve over choices we could have made and are not currently experiencing it’s important to remember that free will is an illusion. We did in fact make both the choice we wish we were experiencing and the choice we are now experiencing, and when we return to the source, a realm of perfect peace and rest we will have lots of time to reflect on all the choices we have made from which our current human conciseness is currently not experiencing until such a time as we choose to once again enter the reincarnation system and have more experiences once again.

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