My Pride and Joy

Most people want happiness, a path you often find.
Some look outside some look within to get what they seek.
If I don’t have happiness, then I guess I don’t really mind.
I guess I’m not like most people, so listen as I speak.

Happiness is important to some, to gratify their wants and needs.
From sensory gratification to love and affection, they get what they want.
And some might just turn within, with positive energy sowing happiness seeds.
And yet such things in the end can leave you empty and nonchalant.

See what I seek is joy, meaning happiness that is earned.
It’s basic psychology don’t you see for any human being.
When you work to earn your happiness there’s a lesson to be learned
that you create not happiness but joy and then fulfillment you are seeing.

So life goes on for me, and happiness may be there or be fleeting.
Either way it matters not, cause I’ve got something to prove.
I want joy, not happiness, and this must be earned, no cheating.
And so I do the thing, and I don’t care if you approve.

Well the fulfillment that comes with joy is neither good or evil you see.
But joy is always earned whereas happiness is given freely.
No matter what your goals or who you are this forumale is true for you and me.
But I want to make the world a better place with specific goals, ideally.


Now we come to the forbidden sin of pride on which I speak here.
I guess on the right hand path it’s about god and not about self.
So pride in self must be bad for this god you’re told to love and fear.
But on my path pride can be vice or virtue, the key is know thyself.

I know enough about psychology to know how ego games work.
Pride and humility don’t contradict, but go together hand in hand.
I may be otherkin, but I’m human right now and in pride dangers lurk.
I seek validation in accomplishment and write poems about magick and projects planned.

If I have pride it won’t be faith in some intangible spiritual belief.
If my self identity is of worth then obviously I can prove it with my powers.
If you want to understand me and my motives consider this poem a debrief.
Let fools have pride in unproven spiritual things.  Your faith is not ours.

My motives are fulfillment not fame you see, so pay attention to this poem and agree.
I want to make the world a better place, but the world doesn’t need to know.
I live to serve, and to understand me this understanding must be key.
So I’ll have pride in what I achieve, and much is hidden in what I show.

Now these poems are placed here as I combine religion and psychology.
This is the gospel of figure it out for yourself, my cause is to perform.
And if I throw theoretical quantum physics into the mix I’ll call it theology.
I’m here to raise the bar and create a new type of religious norm.


Now I don’t need to prove to myself that my magickal power is worthy of pride.
I’ve already seen me do magick that many don’t believe is possible or real.
My motives here are to achieve and gain the joy I seek and I am my own path’s guide.
Sure happiness is great but the pride of fulfillment and joy is what I truly seek to feel.

So I’m different sure from the average bloke in how I think and feel.
You’ve no idea the science done to me that creates said deal.
And I’m different too from others part of this experiment for real.
But understanding the misunderstood is always a difficult ordeal.



I’ve got some goals and dreams that I haven’t given up on yet.
And understanding the misunderstood is a harder task to do.
Combine the poems to understand, I do the thing to win with God a bet.
So I guess you’ll never understand the value to me of every secret thank you.

Happiness is over-rated as I’ve said in the past.
As my path continues I gain confirmations here and there.
And when I do the thing, like the 8 of wands, I’ll work fast.
In the end I’m just The Magus, with desires of power to share.

So much of my life won’t make it into these poems written.
I’ve got power to share and in the end I hope to show more as I give it.
I guess time’s on my side as with dreams of joy I’m smitten.
If I have usefulness for others, I’ll try not to outlive it.


Published by The Magus: 56

I write occult works on my blog "The Magus" and my website The Joker Intelligence Agency as a free public service for religious usage as explained in detail on the websites.

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