Something New Under The Sun

There’s something new under the sun, dare I say?
For thousands of years repetition comes and goes.
History’s pendulum through time moves that kind of way.
Is there then something new under the sun as I suppose?

Call this technology “Internet” around which communication goes.
Composed of multiple electronic tools and synchronized connections.
Freedom of speech relays importance here I suppose
as we bypass barriers of geography, religion, and government, perfect imperfections!

Never in our recorded history have said barriers been removed before.
And some hope to build, some to destroy, and occult ambition lies herein.
What if world war one was time’s lost lesson before history’s recording chore?
What if having weapons of mass destruction isn’t even new just forgotten?


Something new, something new, have we waited so long

to progress as a species out of the dark ages crawling?

Now there’s new hope in a new world learning of right and wrong.

And will knowledge of good and evil fix much in time?  How appalling!

On this rock called earth history repeating constantly’s what we get.
For thousands of years nothing, but then weapons of mass destruction were new.
Now we synchronize a new thing inside what’s called “Internet.”
Social communication, learning systems, and changes humanity goes through.

Now we have a whole new world; what excitement to live in these times.
Now we have truth and lies and misinformation as well.
Freedom of speech, but libel and slander, and so much more than these rhymes.
Mainstream or Internet?  FOX or CNN?  Even our president questions those not questioned before.


So many people and systems connecting together as never before.
What will humanity do with this new thing under the sun?
So much power we have to crawl back into the dark ages in a single war.
What cost might humanity pay for any one Country the world to have won?

Now we’re a world full of war, and life here’s not fair.
And as we enter into a new world and a new age, technology is a key.
In time chaos breeds order, so learning’s especially important there.
We learn the lessons, from chaos to order a new world in time we see.

Harmony we seek and harmony we find, even in conflict and its price due.
From chaos comes order, a new world we’re seeing through.
Who’s going to help build it?  Diplomacy says some by me and some by you.
What an exciting time to live in the birth of a new world for humanity too.

Well we’ve got at least one new thing under the sun, maybe two.
And a lesson can’t be learned if history hides it from prying eyes.
And then the winners write the history books, that much is true.
Find lies and truths online, in books and in documentaries; discern if wise.


By The Magus: 56

I write occult works on my blog "The Magus" and my website The Joker Intelligence Agency as a free public service for religious usage as explained in detail on the websites.

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