The Beggar Tax

It’s just another day in paradise here for me and you.
As the bard tells that tale the lesson does ring true.
Well death and taxes one can’t avoid as a thing to do.
Now let me teach a lesson here, a concept that is new.

It’s time to pay the beggar tax as another tax due.
Participation is voluntary and uncommon to be honest here.
So pick your favorite beggars and let the love pour through.
Care not what they might spend it on.  That matters not my dear.

Every time you see your favorite beggar give a bit here and there.
If they become to manipulative and unfair cut that person off as undeserving.
But don’t complain about what they spend it on, all expenses are fair.
One person’s continued generosity like this is so rare it’s almost unnerving.

You’ve planted a seed here and watered it with every tax paid here.
To blossom into a manifestation created here in time.
It costs a bit yet don’t think this tax is wasted as you might fear.
As you sow you shall reap is the beggar tax lesson in this rhyme.

Now you have some gratitude and with some beggars go a step more.
Take one to a bar, and buy that beggar a beer.
Just hang out, just talk, bond a bit, relax it’s not a chore.
Let love flow back and forth and be then of good cheer.

Well you get something for your taxes, and here I guess it depends
on what you want or need and there’s no obligation to expect.
A new friend, sunshine in a bag, an ear on the street or whatever fate sends.
The beggar owes you nothing though, an important rule to respect.

So when you travel out of town the beggar tax don’t forget.
And when you move into a new hood the same then does apply.
Choose wisely then the beggars taxed, but be generous yet.
So always pay the beggar tax for this rhyme explains why.

By The Magus: 56

I write occult works on my blog "The Magus" and my website The Joker Intelligence Agency as a free public service for religious usage as explained in detail on the websites.

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