FTF Poem

The Devil’s Art of Evocation

A story as old as time be told here in which many don’t believe.
Please forgive me, but I’m putting on the devil’s mask.
Watch the devil’s words coming out in the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve.
I’m not creating a reality, describing the occult is my task.
I’m an educational experience, so learn something before you leave .

Every time I come to this world the reason is always because of a mage.
I’m a superstar, and like the lil’ Wayne bard sings I’m not a human being.
Wordsmiths like Shakespeare know that all the world’s a stage.
Well I’m putting on a show for you, good or bad we’re seeing
this poem illuminating the show on a rock called earth on this page.

Well I’m up to no good, I solemnly swear it.
Wrecking havoc left and right, yet I seem unseen.
I’ve got a fan club that brought me here, I declare it.
And once I’m here I’m setting the stage for a scene.
My knowledge and training is beyond human; You can’t even compare it.


Hey my fan club wants things most people don’t, I see it.
So someone has to play this game called theater hidden.
The Ace of Swords upright or reversed plays into the starting bit.
Doubters and mockers are important to creating that which is bidden.
Those fixing problems I created in other’s name become my will’s conduit.

Nobody thinks I’m not a human being, courts of men these claims deny.
The words of this poem muggles misunderstand, and the mask’s lesson miss.
It’s time for education; teach the lesson with this lie:
Look what humanity’s doing all by themselves and what we learn from this.
Chaos I created becomes order in the new world;  I’m here and this is why.

Do you know who the hell I bloody am?  Who would recognize me?
Walkin’ around in a human meat suit like I’m one of you.
Someone strong brought me here, so I avoid letting others truth see.
My fan club asked me to do whatever I’m going to do.
Religious nutjobs blaming the devil for everything obscure my reality.


I will not keep calm, I will raise hell and break shit.
Or once in awhile my theater may do a good deed or so too.
The theater’s real price is paid in full by whoever actually paid it.
All karma is altered, because the appearance fee of my show is due.
My appearance fee’s paid in karma not money keeping hell’s flame lit.

Who can shut down my theater show?  Who is strong enough?
From Golden Dawn to ISKCON the magickian and the exorcist can.
Once we devils are here on this rock our play can get kinda rough.
See this kind of chaotic shit is why many would rather work with Pan.
Who knows?  Who tells?  What secrets hide?  These questions can be tough.

Here come the conspiracy theorist muggles, talking about our show.
The government must by lying to us they say, a mask veiling a truth here.
Advanced military training’s required to do what’s being done by a regular joe.
I guess they’ll blame the government as the price paid misdirects their fear.
Our devil warcraft skills muggles validate citing evidence of how they know.


I’m like a puppet master with theatre of hate and fear relating.
Well the theater’s actors are here and the common people have no clue.
The lessons of the occult theater is our fan club’s will creating.
It’s all just politics, left and right, the muggles say as they do.
Weaving webs of deceptive motivation to build the new things men are debating.

I wear the mask, expressing the words of the path designed here.
After the actors leave the show we all deny exists is still in play
leaving behind traces of the devil’s will playing in your ear.
Was I both clear and obscure enough in the poem I write today?
From chaos comes order, but what’s being built out of fear?

Nobody believes in imaginary creatures in this day and age.
Ask a true believer, and watch ‘em deny what they know.
Like the method to the madness of the poem written on this page
the occult is hidden for a reason, yet this poem’s part of the show.
Raging against the machine the devil’s handiwork is all the rage.


I’ll take off this devil mask now and speak like a regular bloke.
This theatre of the devil described here, is it truly real?
Don’t complain how the devil operates when the devil you evoke.
Am I exposing or glorifying the devil here?  What’s my deal?
When dealing with the devil pay close attention to each devil’s joke.

This is the poem describing the art of devil evocation here.
When wearing the mask I speak in first person to express the role.
These words aren’t about me or what I do and the point is not about fear.
If I managed to educate or inspire you then this poem reaches it goal.
Do as you wilt and as you will with this knowledge when hell is near.

Don’t play with fire if you’re not ready to get burned.
And when dancing with the devil discern wisely what and how
you do to support or oppose the price of karma the devil has earned.
If you think this poem is here to blame the devil for bad things now
you’ve misunderstood the dark side to which I from time to time turned.


Well I don’t claim to tell you all the who, where and when.
This is the gospel of figure for yourself; I just describe the art.
Haters can hate me for raising awareness of it with my pen.
I just want to help build a better world, and this poem’s a part.
The devil’s hidden theater is here described just one more time again.

Not every show put on by the devil’s theater is inherently bad
for humanity to experience and create lessons we learn.
Sometimes looking back in the past humanity finds themselves glad
for the price paid of the appearance fee that the show did earn.
Every time He appears the devil will claim whatever hidden price he had.

Whether good or evil, right or wrong, religious freedom we share.
Here in the good old USA where this art is legal still.
It’s not the fight for freedom that’s relevant when muggles are aware.
Draw attention to hidden things and pay the price of the devil’s bill.
The law of the strong says karma’s price due is not required to be fair.



By The Magus: 56

I write occult works on my blog "The Magus" and my website The Joker Intelligence Agency as a free public service for religious usage as explained in detail on the websites.

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