Black and White


Now we see racism in America is still alive in modern day.
Now we see the differences in how our last two presidents operate.
Some of us are a little late noticing the racism if I may be so bold to say.
So let me paint a picture of things still open for debate.

When it seems black and white many miss the gray.
There’s now more information with less restriction for humanity than ever before.
Something new under the sun, the Internet, enhances humanity’s learning today.
With democracy and diplomacy our learning curve can soar.

Well a black man is elected President, glass ceiling shattered there.
We’ll watch the racism on a daily basis show up on the air.
Is he a secret Muslim?  Was he even born in the USA?
Thinly veiled racism on your mainstream media TV pouring out all day.


Conspiracy theories is what they are, and none of them were true.
Accused of not being born in America, how did Obama handle this claim?
Such a thing would disqualify him as president, so he’ll figure it’s important to
release to the public his birth certificate to end the racist political game.

What does every conspiracy theory have in common whether true or not?
No established institution has validated it yet as true.
So in a Democracy we have a system we’ve always used to retain the freedom we’ve got.
Present the theory on the news to raise awareness and work the process through.

Democrats can you promise to give to President Trump here
the same respect Republicans gave to Obama in times past in this rhyme?
Do Trump’s ties with Russia qualify as treason as people fear?
Another conspiracy theory is nothing new; it’s just happening to Trump this time.


It’s something America’s always done to help determine fiction from fact.
A Republican Congress had no problem investigating Clinton as clearly seen by all.
Congress’s 11% approval rating isn’t changing anytime soon with how they act.
But when it comes to investigating Trump nothing is done and the theory hits a wall.

A conspiracy theory doesn’t become less theoretical just because it’s true.
The fact Congress refuses to investigate this doesn’t change that rule.
For a Conspiracy theory to graduate to fact requires a legit institution to
establish proof to the general public, and this balance of power is democracy’s tool.

What’s new is not that a President is accused of something here.
What’s new must be the response Trump gave, denouncing CNN as fake news.
Now like never before many people may have a legit reason Trump to fear.
Left wing and right argue of the interpretation, yet none have walked in Trump’s shoes.
Was it just an emotional reaction or a challenge to our democracy we hold so dear.



By The Magus: 56

I write occult works on my blog "The Magus" and my website The Joker Intelligence Agency as a free public service for religious usage as explained in detail on the websites.

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