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Minority Religious Beliefs and Public Disclosure

Why is the occult hidden and what dangers are there for occultists wanting to remain hidden who are ousted in public or otherwise revealed to others.

Every person ever who is part of a minority religion in any society anywhere on this world at any point in human history faces discrimination for their beliefs when presenting them to a large target audience. If you imitate my behavior of posting minority religion beliefs publicly and face discrimination and real life consequences for your actions do not assume your experiences are unique or different from everyone else’s because you are part of a specific belief system.

I will not force my beliefs on anyone as a condition to friendship so if you don’t believe some or all of my beliefs are accurate don’t be afraid to tell me that as it won’t affect our relationship negatively if you’re not judgmental towards me as to why you think I’m wrong. If you find this philosophy appealing and relatable to your own do not be so naive as to think everyone else does too just because the society you live in claims to understand religious tolerance.

When you are part of a minority religious belief system and you go public about your beliefs people will discriminate, bridges will be burned, friends with strong religious ideals will unfriend you online and offline and some people may try to punish you for your beliefs in real life. There is a price for doing this kind of behavior and you should be prepared to deal with it before doing it.

Freedom isn’t free. If you want freedom from oppression based on race, religion, sex, or sexuality no matter what Country in the world you live in someone has to fight for your freedom. It doesn’t have to be you who does so, but it has to be done. This is why we honour soldiers who fight to protect us in battle, and this is why people honour others who fight for freedom on other non-military fronts such as the social, political, and economic areas.

Freedom isn’t free means someone has to pay a price for your freedom and that price is beyond monetary. If you are open about your beliefs and you face the consequences for your openness then you get to pay the price. America is far behind most of the civilized world we are allied with in terms of freedom based on sex, race, religion or sexuality. If you think we are number one in these kind of things educate yourself, because we are not even close.

All the information on how and why we are so far behind is public access in this age of reason and the Internet at least at the current time this post is written. If you fight for these freedoms after learning this remember that there are consequences for your actions and your insistence on freedom. No one will tell you this world is fair unless they are a liar or naive Freedom isn’t free.

This is why most otherkin, LHP and other minority religious group members do not publicly talk about their belief systems. It’s not always a big conspiracy that causes people to keep secrets. Some people just understand how the world really works and know that being occult and secretive prevents suffering from people who believe their persecution of others is an act of benevolence.

If you are not ready to experience what the rest of us all experience and not equipped to handle it do not make public posts to large target audiences about your minority belief systems like I do and do not bitch and moan when you go through the same thing the rest of us go through as if your experiences are unique, because they are not. You can post anonymously under a pseudoname not publicly connected to your real life name and ID but there is no guarantee you will not be caught and identified by oppressors.

If you lose or risk your reputation, your job, your life, get beaten up with permanent injuries or have your home or religious property vandalized or stolen as a result of doing this your experiences are as old as human history, are not unique and do not make you special. These are common occurrences in the USA which is why secret societies exist here in secret not in public. There are other less common but even more serious risks and dangers possible as well.

You can fight back and you may win or lose. If you win you may gain a lot from winning and if you lose you may lose a lot more than you expect to. Learning to communicate and express yourself clearly is a key factor in success. If you go down this path you should be aware of the risks and consequences so this post is here to educate you briefly on what they are.

If you don’t believe me ask your local Free Mason or member of The Golden Dawn of The Eastern Star or any other minority religion occult group that has been around for a decade or more as long enough to have learned this experience and they will explain it to you. You have been warned.

If my religious beliefs are unacceptable to you burn your bridges with me now and don’t pretend they’re not. We’ll both be a lot happier that way and won’t waste each other’s time. If you do it politely or silently and come back to me later more educated on why you were wrong to do so you may or may not find those bridges rebuildable depending on a lot of factors.

This concept leads to one final note on good advice about not taking these things personally whether you’re the one leaving another over their beliefs or the one watching others leave you for yours, because misunderstandings may be on one or both sides. Learning how and when to leave a situation without conflict in case you learn something new later that changes your mind is an important lesson to learn, because this is a very common experience in the occult.

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By The Magus: 56

I write occult works on my blog "The Magus" and my website The Joker Intelligence Agency as a free public service for religious usage as explained in detail on the websites.

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