The Path of Passion


Let me state the obvious in the name of being clear
that Star Wars is just some movies inspired by a muse.
So I’m not unveiling some secret conspiracy here.
My inspiration just connects to the metaphors I use.
The Sith are back, and misunderstanding us breeds fear.

Now most Star Wars movie fans don’t know what Star Wars is.
From movies to institutions to this poem I write
the same words have different meanings so connect the dots word whiz.
On the dark side we’ve got free cookies.  C’mon, take a bite.
Nobody knows what I’m talking about, because it’s Nobody’s Biz.

Find the light through the dark side; it’s more fun that way.
From movie metaphors to religious references I present this wordplay.
A God in one religion’s a devil in another, the dark ages say.
It’s all fun and games until TPTB show up wanting to join in and play.
Who joins the warcraft dance in the name of harmony this day?
Reality collides with fantasy as we dance the night away.

If The Force is real then Jedi aren’t.  This is sith philosophy.
Study the 5 forms of telepathy and take up Yoga Kuji Kiri style.
My heart, mind, will, spirit and soul make 5 crafting this theology.
Let the doubters and mockers say what they will and keep up denial.
Hide these lessons from the folly folk.  The Force will set you free.


What’s said in that meme take literally as beyond this I shew.
The Sith are the only part of Star Wars that’s real, I guess.
Yea, my anti-establishment philosophies tend to burn bridges too.
Be cool, I’m some weird Sith janitor cleaning up someone’s mess.
I’ve got my own motives and ambitions wilt beyond all that I do.

Lust is not always sexual and means any desire when strong enough.
The first rule of this path is to lust for the result.
If your life is boring for years, be cool and stay tough.
Kundalini rise with your power for tantra birthed a left handed insult.
Don’t make chaos out of anger.  Keep calm even when life is rough.

There’s an emptiness in weak joys, and The Force can fill those holes.
Don’t fight your inner demons.  Tame them.  Self?  Embrace it.
When times are tough have happy thoughts focused on your goals.
When your happy thoughts are destroyed focus on the pain and face it.
This gospel of passion is teaching strength not saving souls.
Fools speak of passion inaccurately.  Their teachings?  Erase it.

It’s all fantasty until TPTB show up finding under the sun things new.
Well I’m some kinda New School Sith here in the name of reason
to advance and explain this path.  Morality implied here I shew.
Better call your boys when sith show up in any time or season.
Find many interpretations to this wordplay, and apply wisely to skew.


Many meanings to passion’s path are revealed here.
This isn’t all exclusively sithcraft being described.
Sith are monsters, I guess, something humanity can fear.
Is that good or bad?  Read a book, man.  It’s all been transribed.
Passion’s path has a peril when your joy is far not near.

When your happy thoughts’ failure brings pain, embrace how you feel.
Let passion guide you and motivate you to gain strength and power.
Don’t complain if you’re too weak and your karma paid got too real.
Learn a lesson, but don’t take it personally; let this be our
method to the madness with secrets hidden in the sith’s deal.

This path’s not for everyone, a truth important enough to say twice.
Yea, Nobody cares how you feel.  Grin and bear it like a man.
Compassion earned from wearing your heart on your sleeve has its price.
The path of passion is a proccess not a phase or a flash in the pan.
Can’t handle a path?  Don’t walk it.  Wisdom on this path says be nice.
Those who practice meditation on this path when asked to keep calm can.

Now the real price of passion is the joy you can earn
from reachings those goals all your happy thoughts focused on.
This strong joy others know not is the lesson to learn
about fufillment and pride as old as the sun’s golden dawn.
It’s the path of time and energy spent on results for which you yearn.


Here I wilt the laws of passion’s lust that I’ll make up as I go.
From laws of self to laws to enforce to result in harmony.
These are passion’s only laws beyond do what thou wilt to follow.
Call this The Force if you will, but not if you wilt differently.
Lust means strong desire of all kinds here showing what we know.

Time is on my side, and are these timeless words that you see?
The law of lust is that no lust is forbidden, for better or worse.
Self awareness and self control guide you to use The Force properly.
If the result of your lust harms the innocent face my passion’s curse.
Judge a tree by it’s fruit to see a Sith’s true nature accurately.

Which lust is forbidden depends on the time and place of society.
Find those who embrace any such lust shunned like a left hand fate.
Harm no man or woman for their lusts if they follow laws accordingly
applicable by which they are goverened harming none.  I forbid debate.
When chains bind passion’s will remember The Force shall set you free.
In humanity’s New World education does society’s beliefs’ create.

The word of sin means restriction.  We explained clear enough before.
Lust tainted with obsession restricts the purity of free will.
Am I being clear enough here?  Explaining passion is my chore.
Victory over self and vices requires love so take your fill.
The Force frees no one if passion is restricted; A lesson fools ignore.


Welcome to planet earth, a world at war where life’s not fair.
The Sith path’s for warriors, people who seek to create change.
This poem’s metaphors shows shows a reality to those who are aware.
Open The Doors, and tell a tale of how people are strange.
With great power comes great responsibility; use The Force if you dare.

The Force can be an imposition of will, so use it responsibly.
You can’t cast any spell that influences the material plane
without altering free will in some way, don’t you see?
Yet walking the path of passion means accepting more of life’s pain.
Sith ain’t thelemites, Baby, we do as we wilt and will conditionally.

Sith can break chains to earn gratitude from the fish who got away.
Give a sith a chain to break and he’ll eat for a day.
Teach a sith to break chains and find a dangerous game you play.
Mastering others is easier than mastering self, a Fool’s lesson I say.
Haters hate when The Force frees a man or woman’s pride for being gay.
Fishers of men hate Sith for freeing the slaves shown in my wordplay.

Like Lil Wayne’s Fireman Sith are hot even when keeping their cools.
I must be filled with passion teaching this gospel of warcraft.
The bridges I’m burning and hatred building is hidden from the Fools.
I’ve got a one fingered victory salute for the Fucks now sith wrathed.
The hidden historical reference I just made hides my occult tools.


By The Magus: 56

I write occult works on my blog "The Magus" and my website The Joker Intelligence Agency as a free public service for religious usage as explained in detail on the websites.

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