A Map to The Fool’s Apocalypse


On this map I’ll lead 12 + 1 white rabbits through my occult fame.
Halloween is over so this must be a thanks-giving theme.
Have no fear the devil’s here in holy spirit if you play my game.
I’ve made a game to play, and in my third eye there’s a devil gleam.
This must be a magick trick Apocalypse of theirs and mine the same.

Go to The Waffle House if you live in the grand ol’ USA.
Play the jukebox’s music and I’ll be there in spirit I promise you.
Login at your own peril for others may come to play,
but I’m in every song vicariously either way doing the thing I do!
Play a song and watch its theme come into real life today.

This must be a weapon of mass construction, but how am I doing this?
I’m a muse and symbiotic parasite inside other people’s games here.
Follow the music and talk some shit creating harmony’s bliss.
I’m a good influence, I promise, so have no fear.
This is a thanks-giving themed poem, lessons here don’t miss.


It starts with this poem as you wonder if you’re being played.
Here we go, and here we go again as I rant and rave in ryhme
with faith in some ideal that understanding is displayed
to those who know what they’re seeing who will see it in due time.
The longer you read the more you learn that in time my karma’s paid.

Drake, the strong one, sings a tale of his “Worst Behavior” on stage.
Asked if using Illuminati symbols stressed needing to dispel this lie.
In art school they teach symbolism that Fools think is Lumin’s Page.
You can’t read or write Illuminati symbolism posts and madness deny.
Occult symbolism is a multi-religion trade, in time all the rage.

I’m gonna take a metaphor and make it into a real thing.
I’m up to no good. I solemnly swear it. What does that mean?
Fans of Harry Potter know these secret words a map’s activation bring
and in this metaphor a reality’s hidden that unexplained is not seen.
I add symbolic pictures and words together and call it Dracos’ wing.


Here lies the story of the misunderstood path I go through.
My wordsmith skills are metaphoric cartography, who knew?
Here Be Dragons as I point you in a direction or two.
Most won’t know how or what I did even after I’m through.
Hidden in plain sight my Marauder’s Map hides what it shew.

Be cool not hot as I tell my story to whoever lends an ear.
I’m as cold as the cold wind blows, like Eminem in Recovery.
Welcome to my show, and there’s a method to the madness here.
Let me direct your negative feels in the name of discovery.
For what reason do I speak about things some love and others fear?

Watch muggles miss the references hidden in plain sight.
If I call you a Fool would you understand this tarot compliment?
Welcome to wonderland Alice; yea I’m doing alright.
U mad at bad guys, bro? Keep calm and follow the white rabbit’s hint.
This poem tells the story of me leading the charge into the fight.


“The last thing you wanna do is have me spit out a rhyme
and say I was writing this and I thought of you.” says Eminem.
Time must be on my side, and I’m playing For The Win in time.
I won’t announce the enemy as our wordsmith art destroys them.
We smash down foundations left and right; call it fighting crime.

Join my devil warcraft game. This request is not a demand.
I’ll do more than I seem with just this poetry blog.
You think this blog’s the key to it all? You misunderstand.
References left here are more relevant to those keeping a log.
Not all cards are out on the table before I play my hand.

This poetry’s pretty obscure. Some more than others have a clue.
There’s a lesson to be hidden here in working hard
and spending time and energy on doing the thing I do.
I’m a RockStar N.E.R.D. singing songs like a bard.
This wordsmith poetry illuminates occult credit due.


This is the story of my life and my path.
The tip of the iceberg here tells relevant parts.
I’ll hide clues in the content for those who can do the math.
From the mundane to the esoteric I combine many arts
to construct this poem about my mercy and wrath.

I’m a trickster here to remind you that freedom isn’t free.
There are consequences for your actions, life’s standard lesson.
These lessons apply to me and to others interacting with me.
This poem can help express hidden aspects of me I’m guessin’
Fools pointing fingers might miss that not all is as it appears to be.

Please let me play up this Fool card, and act like a ham.
I’m not like normal people who fear death or pain.
I’ll keep calm, but I’ve honestly stopped giving a damn.
I can rain down hell like it’s from heaven when I make it rain.
When it rains it pours worse than the wrath of Yam.


It’s better to be hated for what you are not than it is
to be loved for what you are not. Baby, that’s Nobody’s Biz.
It’s better to stand alone than to have peers who don’t value you.
With magick fire I’ll burn bridges like a scholarly whiz.
Is there a method to this madness? I live to serve, it must be true.

I’m like Cinderella, Man, look at my magickal shew!
Walk a mile in my shoes and I’ll walk in yours for a few.
I’ll use these shoes to draw attention to the path I walk.
Call it dark disguises, I’m learning something important from you.
Now the shoe’s on the other foot, and I’m talking the shit I talk.

Do I have One Love for Israel, Great Britain or the USA?
Ha! I ain’t earned a single penny for my good deeds, so I say.
I play many roles, online and off, but my real strength is my wand.
I’m walkin’ around doing the thing wearing dark disguises today.
I’m an occultist not a spy. Each show ends when someone gets PWNed.


Illuminati doesn’t exist anymore, except when they do
in the form of some psychological warfare’s veiled war-game.
Talk about Illuminous though, and generate hate fast on you.
Nobody talks about that shit; it’s all the wrong kinda fame.
Watch as Putin earns hate for playing that card’s path through.

The words I dare spend in this poem on that topic? Just this bit.
This poem may appeal to conspiracy theorists, but let me just say
I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories and pseudo-scientific shit.
Education in that area hidden in piles of bullshit may lay.
I’m more open minded than idiot Fools calling people sheeple. Got it?

Yea, I’m a hardcore occultist, Alice, call me wonderland’s cat.
Yea, I don’t work for imaginary institutions or people they represent.
Call me the devil? Hell, I’ll beat you to it and call myself that.
I don’t give a damn about my reputation. I don’t live in the present.
Fans of my work watch me destroy my own reputation like I’m mad-hat.


In the name of love we all do the thing we do
to try to make the world a better place.
A price will be paid by some for what they put others through.
I’m left hand path joining in this rat race.
The exposure of the innocent is a lie when my karma bill’s due.

I won’t waste too much time or many words
pointing out no good deed goes unpunished here.
See it as you will, baby, it’s all for the birds.
Red eagle love is the avenged sevenfold nightmare they fear.
We’re cool occultists with skills, not hot anonymous computer nerds.

Underestimate me, please, in the name of red eagle love.
Did you think you were the only one with the power
to destroy that which you do not approve of?
Baby my destruction is beautiful art even as The Tower.
I wilt it through established institutions vicariously as devil dove.


Egotistical Fools love to embrace a false identity in religion’s name.
Using some grandiose claim of importance thinking they can claim
religious freedom’s right to a fan club and self entitlement therein.
I’m a goal oriented person and only Fools think my path the same.
I’ll use my power to do things in this life. I’m playing For The Win.

Yea, anyone can lead the sheep on one path or another.
NCICs go from conspiracy theorists to religious to a seductive lover.
If someone of worth were really here on this world I’d have to assume
their actions to speak louder than words as bad guys run for cover.
I’ve no time or care for dogmatic teachings, my work is to consume.

Here come the haters, doubters and mockers yet they’re not the enemy.
I’m far more worried about vengeful people, hiding amoung others, see?
Call it revenge for because or blowback, but doing good deeds
in the name of Justice or protecting others means enemies are reality.
For this reason on many paths this kinda work comes with needs.


Haters gonna hate, and people gonna do what they do.
Do you not know how I operate? Felony is the Heirophant’s word.
It seems you chose to join the losing side, how unfortunate for you.
Time is on my side, and so is a symbolic red eagle bird.
You think I take joy in destruction? The real me you never knew.

Has it ever once occurred to the haters a hidden reason is here
for why my wrath they do not face for this shit they do to me?
Beyond the prejudice they have of me, there is much hidden to fear.
Is it wrong to love and admire my enemies when their beauty I can see?
God’s not protecting Fools from me. Harm not the cat’s paws, my dear.

Harm not the righteous who believe the lies and do their thing.
If the bullshit about me were true I’d have lost this game by now.
There’s reason hidden here that protects me beyond a dragon wing.
Fools presume to understand when I don’t explain myself or how
I do the things I post about, presented in the style I bring.


Haters never knew when amoung them I respected and loved someone.
Haters paying karma due for fighting me may upset my hopes and dreams
for future adventures to have with them when dark disguises were done.
Fools rushing in trying to help can do more damage than it seems
while others feigning support work to sabotage what I would have won.

When I’m pushed I push back, and when I win it must be fate.
Haters gonna hate, so be kind to these assholes who need it the most
until someone crosses a line and gets their karma owed arriving late.
I had hopes and dreams of future friendships and a victory toast.
When these happy thoughts are destroyed I’m not feeling joy or hate.

I’m not the jackass whisperer so I won’t even bother to try
to turn the haters into fans with the poems I write.
If you end up on my side I’ve just explained kindness’s how and why.
I don’t care about your feels; Helpers do what’s instructed, right?
If helping me be kind to my haters. Yea, my bravery levels are high.


My karma has an important rule: I give more than I take.
When I’m not valued for my worth I’ll see myself out.
My occult work comes with risk and I have much at stake.
Fame, wealth and the usual perks are not what this work’s about.
The fame and wealth I desire I’ll find other ways to make.

I know all the laws of power of which there are 48.
Some I practice as instructed, others in reverse.
When people take credit for my work let there be no debate
that I don’t give a damn or take it personally or call for a curse.
Be kind and understand that it’s how this devil prefers to operate.

I’m no preacher yet for a reason I mention hell.
Hell, grin and bear it like a man; story of my life.
There’s no more time to complain in this story I tell.
This poem’s not here to bitch and moan about strife.
Can I capture the feel of the adventure here well?


Well, I’m no liar when it counts which I guess doesn’t matter if you
didn’t understand this poem or what the hell it may mean.
Other poems posted here makes this poem’s transparency seen through.
Like some kind of scholar game, it could be more fun after you’ve seen
what was hidden in plain site after an online search you do.

I hope you’re enjoying this obscure poem of mine.
It’s almost as if I posted not just this poem but each rhyme
using specific phrases and references mostly found online
in such a way as to educate those who take the time
to learn the method to the madness has reason understood just fine.

These poems are maps, and if you need to know more get it done.
Better google the references, terms and phrases you didn’t get.
Need to know more? Ask. Can’t? You don’t need to know, son.
If something makes me worth the effort to dig deeper don’t forget
the lessons laid out here are how the Find The Fool ™ game I won.


This isn’t the story of what I can do and how to join me.
If you’re mad at bad guys eat a waffle; I’ve no fucks left to give.
This is the story of adventures come and gone already.
My story’s still being written as my life goes on and I still live.
This poem details my path so far, and now a plot twist. Ready?

If you thought these poems’ cartography wordsmith style weird any
references left here can be verified by relevant people with searches.
This next part will be hidden and yet known to many.
This is understood differently by different religions and churches.
The lesson learned here comes at a price that doesn’t cost a penny.

Hopes and aspirations we have as Fools playing this occult game.
Be cool man. I don’t do the thing over the Internet.
Sure, maybe I’ll spread out clues online in reason’s name.
If I wear the devil’s mask, the devil’s truth is what you get.
Similar differences to the devil mask be found in my work the same.


I don’t seem to understand the danger here like I’m The Fool by feel.
I’m running around in trenches seemingly defenseless. Have I no fear?
I’m writing public posts about my work, so it seems no way it’s real.
Who the hell behaves like this? Only a Fool draws danger near.
Like a warlock these words expressed imply the devil’s deal.

What goals and motives could I possibly have in writing this poem?
Well I wanna talk about what I’ve done, consider this a tome.
Have I made it sound fantastic enough to not believe? Was it my goal?
Fans of my work recognize my style here as pretty close to home.
Sure, man, unfollow me, unfriend me, whatever. I’ll pay that toll.

Nobody takes this seriously, so less readers left now I anticipate.
Fans of my work, not fans of my poem, recognize me or not to debate.
Now that this agenda’s established the rest of this poem I write.
The good part comes next. Still reading? Hope it’s worth the wait.
If someone sent you here this next part find more relevant you might.


Apocalypse is Greek for “unveiling” so something hidden I shew.
In Revelation’s book destruction is unveiled and written in Greek too.
Do these Christian implications applicable to this word and it’s fear
apply to my apocalypse? Not for most, but maybe some of you.
This is The Fool’s map to my personal apocalypse here.

Fans of my poems appreciate some clever posts of wordplay.
Fans of my work appreciate philanthropy I’ve accomplished though.
The fans that matter here are fans of my work reading this today.
You misunderstand the game thinking I care about wordplay fame, yo.
You can’t make the world a better place without gaining enemies I say.

Shh. Don’t ruin the show talking about what I did and continue to do.
Like Eminem says when you’re almost famous there’s danger, no doubt.
The best revenge is the one where people say “Thank you”
for all the things I accomplished and the people I helped out.
Some hate’s deserved, so obscurity shows the path I go through.


For my next trick I’ll unveil a secret and come out of hiding.
I’ll do this in a way that those with magickal power to verify can.
The Masonic ideals of religious freedom afforded to the law abiding
play a special role in what I present next in mythology of man.
In those understanding this unveiling’s significance I’m confiding.

Well The Devil was an angel too, or so they say.
My religious reference be seemingly unexplained but referenced here.
And like all devils playing on this world there’s a price to pay.
To collect it in the name of Justice The Hierophant is here.
Like Sting’s Gambler, I deal tarot cards out feelin’ some kinda way.

There’s principalities at stake, and I’d explain if I could.
I’ve got more rules to follow than the devil has.
With great power comes rules not commonly known or understood.
Those who know the power I have can complain as
I don’t use it in the way they foolishly would.


You won’t find the symbols above explained in books from this world.
Occultists find and seek the meaning of this image above.
Yea, you know what to do, so do it now with questions hurled
at a credible source to reveal to the secret meaning of devil dove.
A revelation hidden here to those who know is then unfurled.

So sure if you follow my instructions and feel what you learned
gives credibility to why you should pay attention to me
then you can help or harm me on my path and gain the karma earned.
No tooting of horns; I hate all false prophecies about my destiny.
My deal is your deeds not your dogma yield that for which is yearned.

Do people making claims of religion and destiny assume I’ll take it?
Thinking gratifying my ego based on my spiritual identity helps here?
Watch how fast I can burn those bridges with you and forsake it.
I’ve no time for the old with new goals and ambitions I hope are near.
What part of “I live to serve” was not understood? I don’t fake it.


I’m still me but so much more now going through change.
The meme above is relatable in both my past lives and my present one.
I might be hard to recognize, maybe to old fans I seem a bit strange.
From soul transformation arts to soul merging rituals I’ve done
my reputation proceeds me, but on my new path my karma I rearrange.

I wilt my time on this earth to be remembered as just a mage.
See I’m a goal oriented person, and I’m sticking with my plan.
If I have worth I’ll prove it with deeds some described on this page.
I don’t need the ego games of religious identity. I’m just a man.
I want to be remembered for what I accomplish on planet earth’s stage.

Now I’m the kinda guy who’s ready to burn bridges and throw away
all the people and things others prepared to help with my destiny.
Want to walk a dogmatic path with me? You’d better close attention pay
to the reality referenced about American ideals I take religiously.
I’m pretty sure I don’t need their help to reach my goals anyway.


It’s not that I’m unwilling to listen if your religion references me
as someone of spiritual worth meant to accomplish great deeds.
I’m not ungrateful for people whose help in reaching goals may be key.
It’s not that I’m eager to reject help with my wants and needs.
What if this map brings said people here filled with certainty?

It doesn’t matter what people think of my spiritual identity.
Yet if you get details right you may be able to better work with me.
Aspects of power and religion involved therein I’m known to see.
But I have freedom of religion if I want to see it differently.
So get used to discretion not glory if you want to work with me.

I don’t need an alliance if the price is to my will contradictory.
Yea, this doesn’t change later just because I’ve got powerful fans.
What’s done shall not be undone, this is how it’s gonna be.
If you recognize and acknowledge me and this spoils your plans
I’m more than happy to burn bridges with you in the name of me.


Taking these poems seriously’s not from me controlling someone’s head.
Playing Find The Fool? ™ The game ends when I win, my dear.
Have you got time for my fun and games? Is it something I said?
Is it something I already did that you recognized in my poetry here?
I’m a real person with feelings, not some abstract being long dead.

Well something important might be happening if this message goes out
to specific people trained to respond to the content shown.
It’s important to me, take note if you’re a fan of my work I’m about.
This poem is cartography of what I do ending with who I am as known.
There’s education to be had in understanding the last part no doubt.

Think of it as a quest if you want to help me with this.
Just analyze the words written and for who it’s designed.
Muggles helping can play messenger in the name of my personal bliss.
This map leads somewhere, and the destination to which it’s assigned
may lead me to newer grander adventures I don’t want to miss.

We can call it the Heirophantic task of reason’s because.
Do you know with certainty my value expressed here undaunted?
Then like Alice’s white rabbit set the stage for my hidden applause.
Don’t post in public places attracting attention unwanted.
If you’ve got resources at your disposal consider helping my cause.


Published by The Magus: 56

I write occult works on my blog "The Magus" and my website The Joker Intelligence Agency as a free public service for religious usage as explained in detail on the websites.

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