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Empaths and Emotional Telepathy

An empath is a person who is in tune through telepathic means to the emotions of others. This guide explains empaths and teaches empaths self empowerment.

Empaths and Emotional Telepathy
by: The Magus

Copyright 2020
This document may be distributed freely in whole, not in part, but may not be sold

A basic guide to Empaths and tools Empaths can use for emotional telepathy

The difference between an empath and an emphatic person is that an emphatic person might be able to tell someone is upset based on social cues or body language but an empath knows this based on feel. Most empaths will actually feel the emotions of people around them, and others will be able to sense their emotions. If someone walks into the room who is suffering from depression with a big smile on their face acting as if nothing is wrong only the empath will know as the waves of sadness flood into them.

Being an empath can be difficult as most empaths are affected by the emotions of people around them and especially the emotions of people who are directly interacting with them. Empaths therefore experience things others do not such as when someone is angry at an empath the empath is likely to feel their anger which can make the experience more unpleasant for them or even prompt them to become angry in a situation where a normal person would not.

Empaths usually appear as benevolent, because they do not experience any kind of pleasure or happiness from harming other people. When a normal person harms others they may take a certain pleasure in hurting an enemy or even find laughter in the comical misfortunes of others that cause them to experience pain or suffering. An empath on the other hand will feel unhappiness or pain if they inflict it emotionally onto another person and therefore will suffer themselves in the very act of causing another person suffering.

When someone makes a particularly stupid mistake that causes a normal person to laugh even if the mistake is painful to said person or even if the laughter itself causes said person unhappiness an empath will not react this way. Laughing at others misfortune is simply not normal to an empath as they experience some of that person’s misfortune as their own and for the same reason that person is not laughing at themselves the empath is not laughing.

Being an empath can be difficult and many empaths learn not to be overly open about their status as an empath. Many people do not have the experience of feeling the emotions of people around them and simply do not believe others would have this experience if they and the people they know do not have it. Whether from introspection or projection assumptions are often placed on a person claiming to have this experience such as the idea they think they are special or better than other people somehow or that their attempts to explain the strong emotions they experience are psychological justifications for personal problems they possess.

Being an empath can be difficult until you learn to control your abilities. Many empaths also possess healing abilities and with practice can learn to absorb other people’s pain intentionally and be inspired to say something to help them ease their pain. In some cases merely the act of absorbing that person’s pain can be therapeutic This sacrifice of “a price of pain” can be used by an empath to heal deep emotional wounds in others.

What needs to be understood about being an empath is that this is technically a psychic ability. Telepathy refers to the ability to use your brain to interact with another person’s brain. Emotions are experienced in the brain on the right hemisphere of the cerebral cortex Thoughts are experienced in the brain on the left hemisphere of the cerebral cortex Will is experienced in the corpus callosum interacting with the left and right hemisphere of the cerebral cortex

There are five forms of telepathy. Emotion, mind, will, soul and spirit. Emotional telepathy is what an empath possesses which allows them to sense and usually experience the emotions of people around them. Mental telepathy allows people to perceive the other side of the brain understanding thoughts. Will telepathy is the ability to sense the intentions of others. This form of telepathy is also usually possessed by empaths and it makes us aware when people are lying and to sense malevolent intentions. Soul telepathy is very advanced and very difficult to master as it is the only form of telepathy that while present within the brain exists beyond such and is the ability to communicate with the souls present in other bodies. Spirit telepathy is possessed by all humans and is the ability to communicate with spirits,deities and otherworldly creatures who are naturally telepathic including silent prayers.

Being an empath basically means that you have one of these forms of telepathy which is telepathy of emotion, and normally this also includes telepathy of will. Uncontrolled this can be a large burden as the emotions of others can be overwhelming. Empaths are often introverts simply because being around a large amount of people means an intense variety of emotions that can be difficult to deal with and process as this experience can become overwhelming.

However since being an empath means having emotional telepathy this means that even though most empaths don’t know it they can do more than feel the emotions of people around them and with training can learn to choose whether or not to feel the emotions of those around them. Just as a mental telepath can read the thoughts of others this communication also goes both ways and they can also implant thoughts or ideas into people’s minds. An empath’s emotional telepathy can do the same.

The easiest way to learn to master your emotional telepathic abilities is to focus them on 5 words. Push, pull, reflect, phase, absorb. These five words represent the 5 processes of emotional telepathy.

To push is to push an emotion you are experiencing onto another person. This causes another person to experience the emotion you are feeling. You may do this naturally without realizing it and it can cause a person you love to love you back or a person you are angry at to become angry back at you in times when they wouldn’t normally do so.

To pull is to take an emotion another person is experiencing and decrease its intensity in that person by pulling it into yourself. This is useful for healing techniques pulling pain off of people or to calm down someone who is afraid or angry. Be careful pulling energy off of people though as there is a risk that the emotion you are trying to decrease in that person may become focused on you in the process.

To reflect is instead of allowing a person’s emotions to be projected on you, you will instead reflect them onto another person right back at them. This can be useful when someone is angry and yelling at you as instead of you becoming angry back their anger increases more and more and they can make a fool of themselves, but can be dangerous as it often causes people to become violent in some situations.

To phase is to let an emotion pass through you without affecting you. This is what normal people do all the time, but is something many empaths are not aware they are able to do. This is harder than reflecting emotions, but in some cases it is more effective in deescalating situations rather than escalating them by reflecting their emotions. By practicing the other words of power and getting some experience with using them in the techniques I will soon describe this particular ability becomes easier to use as a result.

To absorb is simply take emotion and negate it into nothingness, absorbing it into ourselves. This is useful if you are pulling angry, fear, or emotional pain from another person, but you do not want to continue experiencing it yourself. If you want someone to not be afraid without becoming afraid yourself, to calm down someone angry without getting angry back at them or if you want to heal someone whose pain you have pulled onto you then this is the technique you would use.

To simply become aware of these forms of emotional telepathy is the first step for every empath. The second step is learning to apply them. It is important to remember here that while, to most empaths, it seems as if people have been manipulating your emotions your whole life that most people are not aware they are causing these emotions in you simply by interacting with you or being in your physical vicinity. To those people therefore for you to be manipulating their emotions can be perceived as a violation of free will.

There is no path of peace obtained by explaining to others their emotions affect you and how they affect you. The path to inner peace and calm around others whose emotions are intense is to learn the power of emotional telepathy and apply it. It is important not to abuse this power and to remember that while what you are doing is invisible to most people there will be people, including people who are not empaths, who can perceive what you are doing. Some may see see this through psychic perception, mystical power and ability, priestly function and perception given by a deity, communion with spirits around them that might inform them of what they are doing or any number of other means.

Ultimately the path to being at peace even when the emotions of others are chaotic merely requires the phase ability. However before you can master the phase ability you will need to practice using the other abilities and as you gain more awareness and control of these abilities and combine them with proper meditation the phase ability will become easier and easier to employ.

This guide to using abilities is as simple as being aware of them and using simple visualizations to activate them. However these instructions apply to empaths and normal people who are reading this documentation to gain awareness about empaths will find these instructions do not work for them. Emotional telepathy is something you either do or do not have. There are magickal techniques that can be applied to gain the 5 forms of telepathy, but if you do not actively have emotional telepathy these instructions will not work for you.

The first step is to find a way to merge your mind with your emotions. The easiest way to do this is to start visualizing energy as emotion. Emotional energy is contained in the heart chakra, experienced in the right half of the cerebral cortex, and controlled in intensity by the heart organ based on the speed it is beating and moving blood into the brain. These are the three parts of the body that affect emotion, but the heart chakra is the key to the subtle emotional interactions we have with others.

Start by reflecting on your heart chakra which is located in the center of the chest. Remember this location as this is what you will visualize on yourself and on others to connect your emotional interacts with them.

The second step is to choose colours to associate with different emotions. You should choose colours which feel right to you, but for the sake of example I use black for fear and / or malevolence (harmful intent) and red for anger so combining both of those a dark red is hatred. Think carefully about which colours feel right for which emotions. You can always change your mind later if you want, but pick the colours that feel right to start with.

While only empaths have emotional telepathy everyone has the ability to interact with other people and their emotions. Sound and light are both forms of energy carried from our brains through our bodies with sound coming in to the left and right hemispheres of the brain through the ears and light coming through the left and right hemispheres of the brain through the eyes. Our heart chakras interact with each other through the tone of voice in the sound energy and the body language affecting the light energy that reaches the brain interacting with both the mind and the heart hemispheres of the brain at the same time. In this way both sound and light are literally sending the energy of our heart chakras to people we interact with as energy through our words, tone of voice, and body language and gestures

As empaths we can interact our heart chakras without the aid of visual or auditory cues to influence others. At some point sound and light as energy can make it easier to influence others, but ultimately we have the power to alter the emotions of other people with sheer thought and emotion which is activated through the visualizations. This makes empaths different from normal humans who rely on communication methods of sound and light via words and actions and body languages to interact with their emotional energy.

Once an empath has learned the 5 words of power they can focus on the location of their heart chakra and the location of another person’s heart chakra and pay attention to the emotions of that person they are feeling. At this point visualize the energy using the colours you have selected. The first step is merely to visualize the energy coming from one person to another as they interact with each other and visualize it coming in and out of you as you feel this energy.

Once your mind has become accustomed to this pattern you will find it is now easier to influence the energies. The amount of time it takes to transition into the next phase may vary from person to person, but the next phase is to focus on the 5 words of power and visualize them.

When you push energy onto another person visualize the colours you have assigned to the energy in your heart chakra and spreading into the other person. Visualize them flowing like smoke from around your body and aura into the other person’s aura and body and visualize their heart chakra glowing with the colour of the emotion you intend to influence them with.

For pulling energy it is the same thing except that you visualize the colour of the emotion you want to pull out of them glowing in their heart chakra moving from them and their aura and into yours and your heart chakra glowing with that energy. Visualize their heart chakra slowly glowing less and less with the colour and if it helps you can visualize another colour replacing it as a more appropriate emotion or simply visualize the colour fading from their heart chakra.

For reflecting energy visualize a large sphere surrounding your body. As people interact with you merely visualize that sphere of energy every time they push an emotion in your direction. Visualize the emotion as the colour you have selected like smoke bouncing off of the sphere, and visualize the sphere glowing not completely, but only in part on the direction of the person it is reflecting. As the sphere glows absorbing the energy visualize it bouncing off the sphere and not reaching you directly and going back into the other person.

For phasing energy you merely visualize the energy flowing through you. In this visualization ignore the heart chakra and visualizing their energy flowing towards you in the colour selected like smoke as before, but right before it reaches you visualize it transforming into waves of energy instead of smoke and vibrating so that as the energy reaches you it is negated into nothing.

For absorption you would first follow the steps of visualization to pull energy from someone and then you would visualize that energy flowing through your aura. Take several minutes to focus on the energy and it’s colour flowing through your body and your whole aura and then visualize a black hole like shape in your solar plexus chakra, located in the very center of your body and visualize the colour getting pulled into that large hole and absorbed into nothingness.

The third thing which is required to activate these techniques is some form of meditation. Meditation allows control of the mind and the emotion together and since an empath is basically a catalyst of the emotions around them meditation is key to activating these 5 forms of emotional telepathy.

If you check out my guide “The Basics of Meditation” there is a Yoga technique listed as the third technique. The Buddhist hand-sign which is included is a great method for mastering the phasing and absorption techniques. This meditation employs a breathing technique with mystical hand signs called “mudras” and the act of practicing this meditation technique grants you to the power of the mudra. To use the absorption and phase technique you can employ this mudra in addition to the visualizations without having to do the entire meditation at the moment you are activating it.

Both the visualizations and the mudra techniques are temporary processes used to master the art of emotional telepathy. Once you have trained your mind to connect to your emotions using the visualizations and the mudras you will then find you no longer need the visualizations or the mudras to employ emotional telepathy.

It should be noted that like any power this power can be abused. Empaths are often benevolent due to our ability to experience the pain of people we hurt, our power to heal people we care about, and the natural empathy that comes with emotional telepathy. However once you learn to unlock emotional telepathy new factors come into play and ethics need to be considered.

My personal philosophy is to only use empath abilities for self defense, healing and general peace keeping. An empath can deescalate a situation without appearing to do anything and often this is the right thing to do. An empath can defend themselves in ways that are manipulative such as reflecting the anger a person feels back on that person.

When you do this however that person will experience in their brain the same thing they are experiencing when a normal person yells back at them. This experience of feeling all of their negativity and anger reflected back at them will normally involve another person sending sound and light through voice and body language to communicate with their heart chakra. The experience of having an empath reflect your emotions back at you is new for most people. They will act as they would if you were yelling and screaming right back at them in many cases.

This technique can be used defensively in situations where you want that person to seem more out of control than they normally are. You can also use the push technique to push negative emotions onto people and then reflect them back on that person when they interact with you to make them look even more crazy or aggressive than they normally are. This can be a useful manipulation in the presence of an authority figure such as a boss or police officer when you want them to take your side over theirs.

However since their brains will be experiencing the same thing as someone yelling back at them they may create some form of idea in their mind that does not exist to justify their behavior. This is a normal reaction in their mind for trying to explain to themselves why they are experience an abnormal amount of anger the more they direct their anger at you than they ever have in their entire life for any other person who is not responding.

Other manipulations exist such as to project the love you feel for someone onto another person to try to make them feel more love for you than they normally would, to make people afraid of you who otherwise might not be, or to turn someone against someone else through subtle emotional manipulations of emotion at key parts of their conversations with each other.

At these levels of advanced emotional telepathy it is important to establish ethical guidelines. As I mentioned previously other empaths as well as people from all walks of life exist that can sense what you are doing in different ways that will have an understanding you are the manipulator. Even beyond this there are moral implications that should be considered that abusing this power is wrong. For this reason I recommend using emotional telepathy for healing, peace keeping, and for self defense. To use these abilities to try to control others or gain something from them through these manipulations is crossing a line into a moral gray area.

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By The Magus: 56

I write occult works on my blog "The Magus" and my website The Joker Intelligence Agency as a free public service for religious usage as explained in detail on the websites.

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