Brainwave Entrainment Programs

The use of advanced brainwave entrainment which uses sound to alter the brain enhancing intelligence and psychic ability and more. This is distributed 100% free to anyone who wants to benefit.

The Magus’s Tri-Tone Binaural Beats Brainwave Entrainment Package
Copyright 2020: The Magus
These audio tracks and accompanying text file may be distributed freely, in whole not in part, but may not be sold.

If you want to share the program online with a lot of people, please either share the entire package with the documentation or copy and paste the description for the PDF file onto your webpage to share over the Word Wide Web. If you just want to share specific programs as audio with friends or individual people who you think will benefit from them you may do this as well.


Attention Epileptics: Brainwave entrainment may induce seizures or harm to you. While the tracks themselves are safe people who suffer from epilepsy or seizures should not use my brainwave entrainment programs or anyone else’s.

This download package includes Brainwave Entrainment. These brainwave entrainment programs are each 45 minutes long. The temporary effects of an enhanced mind-state should last during the full 45 minutes and about an hour afterwards. Simply listen to the tracks all the way through when engaging their intended purpose. One hour after the full 45 minute tracks has been finished you can play the track again to reactivate its temporary effects.

The function of Binaural Beats is to sort of hack the brain. The left and right hemispheres of the cerebral cortex receives input through the left and right ear in the form of two different tones in each ear. The difference measured in HZ between the highest and lowest tone is the brainwave entrainment frequency. For these Binaural Beats to work it is required you wear headphones so that a different tone is present in each ear. This stimulus has a direct affect on your mind-state and allows the emulation of an altered mind-state through sound.

The Magus’s Brainwave Entrainment is unique and has the power to permanently remap neurons through the corpus callous (which connects the left and right hemispheres of the brain) in which Binaural Beats takes place. Our Brainwave Entrainment uses the “Tri-Tone Method” previously known as “The Master Tone.” This method allows the use of three different Binaural Beats at once which fluctuate in frequency in a specific pattern. This allows a specific range of tones to fluctuate in such a way that the effects of our brainwave entrainment is stronger than normal Binaural Beats brainwave entrainment and possesses the ability to permanently alter and advance brain structure in ways in which normal brainwave entrainment does not.

The following tracks are available in this free package.  You can click any individual track to download it or you can click the link at the end of this page to download all of them at once.

1. ADHD and Autism Treatment AKA Concentration Enhancer – This track is therapeutic to people who have ADHD and Autism or any other difficulty concentrating.

2. ESP and Psychic Enhancer – This track enhances ESP and psychic abilities in general.

3. General Intelligence Enhancer – This track raises general intelligence if used while studying or engaging in any practice meant to raise intelligence.

4. Healing Magick and Overcoming Addiction – This track will allow people who possess healing magick to enhance their abilities and is also therapeutic to people who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction.

5. Logic and Problem Solving Enhancement – This track will enhance logic and problem solving skills by listening to it while engaging in logic based pursuits and studies especially in regards to mathematical aptitudes.

6. Melatonin and Serotonin Increaser and Passive Learning – This track will help increase the amount of melatonin the brain generates which helps with sleeping problems and also helps the pineal gland convert melatonin into Serotonin which is the chemical equivalent of a dopamine that generates happiness in the brain. This is also an alternative passive learning track. Passive learning is what your brain learns for several hours after you have finished studying and to activate this alternative version of passive learning simply play the track after you finish studying.

7. Memory Enhancement – This track helps with memory retention, especially long term memory storage. I recommend using this when focusing on scholarly pursuits which involve memorization of information or when reading technical manuals or any kind of nonfiction in general.

8. Psychic and Psychokinetic Empowerment – This track is meant to help people who intend to enhance their psychic and psychokinetic abilities in general. This should be used in addition to some form of technique used to activate and control said latent abilities.

9. Reflex – Hand Eye Coordination – This helps enhance reflexes and any activities which synchronize the body and mind together (hand to eye coordination.) Recommended for skill sets such as martial arts, sports or any basic hand to eye coordination tasks.

10. Stress Reduction – This helps reduce stress in general leading to a clearer mind-state.

11. Strong Minded Stress Reduction – This alternate version of stress reduction helps enhance indomitable spirit and focuses on a ready and alert but relaxed mind-state Some people may find this more or less effective at reducing stress than the previous track as brainwave entrainment works differently for different people.

12. Stronger Passive Learning – This focuses directly on passive learning. This track may be more effective or less effective for some people than the melatonin and Serotonin version that also enhances this. The same instructions apply to listen to this track after you are done studying while you take a break.

13. Trance and Passive Learning – This focuses the mind into a trance like state, and is recommended to be used during meditation. If you meditate after studying while listening to this track you will gain the most benefit from this track. This track is recommended instead of the previous one if you are trying to relax in a way that doesn’t involve as much mental activity such as watching TV, listening to music, etc.

14. Visualizations, Clairvoyance and Spatial Learning Style – This track helps with visualization techniques performed in magickal and psychic exercises, general enhancement of clairvoyance, and with spatial learning style, which is the act of learning through visual interaction, such as watching instructional videos, looking at diagrams, studying maps, etc.

Click Here to download the package of all Brainwave Entrainment Tracks as well as this description.

By The Magus: 56

I write occult works on my blog "The Magus" and my website The Joker Intelligence Agency as a free public service for religious usage as explained in detail on the websites.

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