Marduke Spell for Dominion (Magick)

A spell for dominion and power which employes The Magus’s secret method of applying the hexagram (6 sided star) to the 5 elements instead of the pentagram.

Purpose: This spell grants the person whose blood is used dominion over their enemies and all who interfere with their will.  This spell grants the person whose blood is used twelve forms of forbidden demonic magick purified so they are no longer forbidden transforming their sheer evil using new methods into benevolence.  The use of blood magic / magick is the 13th seal that unlocks their power.

How to use blood magick: You can merge the blood with ink using the standard methods, (this is recommended) or you can place a dab of blood into the middle of the hexagram after you have drawn the symbols in the correct order.  If you wish to gain this power you would use your own blood.  If you have a friend or familiar or anyone else you wish to share this power with you will use their blood.  Do not use the blood of the dead or of a sacrifice.

First you need to understand the 4 base elements.  These are normally symbolized by the pentagram with the head of the pentagram or base of the inverted pentagram symbolizing the 5th element which harmonizes the other elements.  The four base elements are fire, water, air, and earth.  The fifth element of the pentagram will normally be spirit, void, aether, or magic / magick.

We will be using non-standard Kabbalah / Qabbalah symbols for the elements.  In order to use the hexagram symbol to hide the 4 primary elements and the 5th primary element inside a hexagram we will have to place the lines differently than they are used in the standard symbolism, but the tail added into the hexagram will rebalance this imbalance and make it work properly.


You can draw these in whatever order you feel is correct.

You will first draw fire or water with ink (preferably the blood ink) and then you will re-draw a second time the symbol for air or earth, retracing the ink.  You will draw all four symbols in order going either fire, air, water, earth or water, earth, fire, air.  You will need to re-draw each symbol in one of these two sequences even though the lines are still there.

If possible it is strongly recommended you draw what is called a “perfect hexagram” which is two equilateral triangles opposing each other in direction in which the outward degrees added together total six hundred and sixty six degrees with perfect symmetry no matter what direction it faces.  This is called the Star of David in Judaism and is displayed on Israel’s flag as a symbol of faith, but it has many usages in many religions and is not exclusively Judaic.

Use of a compass (the kind that measures angles not the kind that points north) is recommended for this, and you can draw the entire correct 666 degree hexagram before tracing over the symbols with your ink or blood ink.

If your ink does not contain blood in it you will now want to take a dab of your blood and place it in the center of the hexagram.  Next you will draw the tail.  If your ink is not filled with blood you will want to use blood and smear it through the tail.  This is the fifth element, blood which completes mastery of 12 = 13 as described before.

marduk sigil_FINAL

To re-establish dominion and mental dominion over others simply re-trace all four elements and the tail using a wand, knife, chalice or your left hand holding a fist with your pointer and middle finger extended forward and repeat the final words.

By The Magus: 56

I write occult works on my blog "The Magus" and my website The Joker Intelligence Agency as a free public service for religious usage as explained in detail on the websites.

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