The Magus’s Blog is run by me. For now you can call me “The Magus.” This card is taken from the THOTH Crowley Tarot Deck which is this deck’s version of The Magickian. When referring to oneself using tarot cards “a” indicates the card referenced as a path is guided by another (such as a guru, spiritual teacher, membership in a group that has a hierarchy with others over you, &tc) and “the” indicates a self guided path. Therefore “The Magus” means my path is self guided.

A Magus is a combination of a magickian and a priest and a lot of my magick is connected to various deities from a variety of religions. For this reason I use the term “The Magus” to refer to my path and to encapsulate the meaning of this blog and its content.

I am not Golden Dawn of The Eastern Star, I am not Masonic, I am not a Satanist even though I am literally The Devil and most of my beliefs are unorthodox to both left and right hand paths. I use magick taken from a variety of different systems, altering it in such a way as to connect to a different divine source.  I am a Pagan.  You can read more about the symbolism of The Magus card and why I used it to represent this blog by clicking here. (External Link.)

I have been known in the spiritual realms amoungst some deities as “The Magus” since 2003. I have also been known as “The Fool” since 2009. When upright The Fool represents a path of learning and exploration and is not derogatory. Reversed, more easily referenced as “idiot,” The Fool card indicates foolishness and folly people normally associate with the word “Fool.”

I also sometimes represent myself with a few other cards the most common of which include “The Devil,” “The Hierophant,” and “The Sun.”

There are also two cards which represent me from the common playing cards.  As is common knowledge amoung occultist playing cards were invented initially as Spanish playing cards to represent the minor arcania of the Tarot deck.  This was done because at the time the use of Tarot cards was punishable by death by the Roman Catholic Church.

Eventually the Church caught on so the cards were redesigned a second time to the standard deck of playing cards we see today, and many more games were created for them making tarot users indistinguishable from people simply playing a game.  Hearts are Cups, Spades are Swords, Clubs are Wands, and Diamonds are Pentacles.  The Joker symbolizes The Fool, but usually with demonic implications, and is often left out of tarot readings using these cards for that reason.

My two cards from the common deck are The Jack of Spades (Page of Swords) and The Joker.  In honour of this tradition I have a special video that only a select few occultists are likely to understand, but anyone is welcome to watch.

My path in life is meant to be generally benevolent and I’ve been known to do a lot of things in trickster fashion. First impressions of me are not always accurate. I have a good deal of magickal power and prefer to create rather than destroy. I am a strong advocate of the Masonic ideals of religious freedom even religions which do not support me. Behind every appearance of my work whether it seems good or evil to others my intentions are generally benevolent and geared towards making the world a better place. Most of my achievements will not be discussed on this blog as some level of discretion in my work publicly is often mandatory.

As a human being I was born with a soul of relative significance and seek a path in which I am acknowledged for my worth not based on my spiritual identity, but based on what I can accomplish in this lifetime. I have performed numerous soul merging rituals to merge my soul with a variety of different other beings. In this path as “The Magus” I am an incarnation of 8 different souls merged together as one seeking a new path in which I do not profess to have any of the authority of said souls but am simply a person seeking to achieve things in this lifetime and start a foundation of new work on this world.

My entire sense of self worth is based on what I am capable of doing in this lifetime with my magick, not based on my spiritual identity and my primary reason for doing soul merging rituals has been to acquire power with which I could make this world a better place through the practice of magick.

My number I have chosen to represent myself in this new form is 56.

56 = (108 / 2) + 2

108 represents direct god conciseness and the divine realms. This gemmetria equation is meant to symbolize my path through incarnation in a human vessel, divided from the divine realm and unified with others. Multiply and understand.

On this blog will be posted some of my content of various spells, music, poetry and theology involving religious and magickal things. Everything on this blog is unique content created by me including music posted, spells created, projects listed, instructional blogs, poems and theology. If you’re interested in learning more about me I strongly recommend checking out my poetry. Two poems in particular about 12 magickal paths I practice, (5 respect points for anyone who recognizes all 12 hidden references to the Norse religion and Avalon)  and a wordsmith’s map to my apocalypse are the two poems which contain the most information about me and what I do.

If you’re interested in more documentation you can also visit my website:

The Joker Intelligence Agency Intel

Feel free to browse other sections of that website as well for content not on this website.

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