Twelve Wizard Paths Outside of The Nine Worlds

I’m a wizard, baby, meaning a very powerful magickian. I’m a jack of many trades, so this poem details what and how. Here I’ll write about a few magickian’s trades that apply to my position. After nearly two decades learning magick I’d better know a lot by now. Gaining the magickal power to claim thisContinue reading “Twelve Wizard Paths Outside of The Nine Worlds”

The Devil’s Art of Evocation

A story as old as time be told here in which many don’t believe. Please forgive me, but I’m putting on the devil’s mask. Watch the devil’s words coming out in the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve. I’m not creating a reality, describing the occult is my task. I’m an educational experience, so learn somethingContinue reading “The Devil’s Art of Evocation”

Something New Under The Sun

There’s something new under the sun, dare I say? For thousands of years repetition comes and goes. History’s pendulum through time moves that kind of way. Is there then something new under the sun as I suppose? Call this technology “Internet” around which communication goes. Composed of multiple electronic tools and synchronized connections. Freedom ofContinue reading “Something New Under The Sun”