The #Joker Intelligence Agency

Joker Intelligence Agency

A Joker is a term I did not create for people who use ciphers, codes and communication systems to communicate a message that is intentionally unclear to most people because it is not meant to be understood by a majority of people who hear it. Jokers normally consist of street criminals, occultists, spies, and law enforcement or any combination therein

Different Jokers have different functions, methods of operating and intentions. The goal of a Joker is not to be funny, but to communicate correctly to the correct target audience. Many jokers are very dangerous or talking about things which are very dangerous and use humour as a mask to hide the true nature of what they are doing and why.

At the #Joker Intelligence Agency we have some good content and our goals are based on philanthropy and justice. Our intention is primarily focused on helping others help themselves and will sometimes to connect on this particular outlet to things I am doing and involved in personally that are related to that goal.

  1. The #Joker Intelligence Agency Playlist (Audio broadcasts with accompanying video)
  2. April 2018 DarkNet Archive (A collection of occult images, audio files, and documents)
  3. A Map to The Fool’s Apocalypse (Poetry and artwork on this wordpress featuring clues about my occult work)

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