Minority Religious Beliefs and Public Disclosure

Every person ever who is part of a minority religion in any society anywhere on this world at any point in human history faces discrimination for their beliefs when presenting them to a large target audience. If you imitate my behavior of posting minority religion beliefs publicly and face discrimination and real life consequences for your actions do not assume your experiences are unique or different from everyone else’s because you are part of a specific belief system.

I will not force my beliefs on anyone as a condition to friendship so if you don’t believe some or all of my beliefs are accurate don’t be afraid to tell me that as it won’t affect our relationship negatively if you’re not judgmental towards me as to why you think I’m wrong. If you find this philosophy appealing and relatable to your own do not be so naive as to think everyone else does too just because the society you live in claims to understand religious tolerance.

When you are part of a minority religious belief system and you go public about your beliefs people will discriminate, bridges will be burned, friends with strong religious ideals will unfriend you online and offline and some people may try to punish you for your beliefs in real life. There is a price for doing this kind of behavior and you should be prepared to deal with it before doing it.

Freedom isn’t free. If you want freedom from oppression based on race, religion, sex, or sexuality no matter what Country in the world you live in someone has to fight for your freedom. It doesn’t have to be you who does so, but it has to be done. This is why we honour soldiers who fight to protect us in battle, and this is why people honour others who fight for freedom on other non-military fronts such as the social, political, and economic areas.

Freedom isn’t free means someone has to pay a price for your freedom and that price is beyond monetary. If you are open about your beliefs and you face the consequences for your openness then you get to pay the price. America is far behind most of the civilized world we are allied with in terms of freedom based on sex, race, religion or sexuality. If you think we are number one in these kind of things educate yourself, because we are not even close.

All the information on how and why we are so far behind is public access in this age of reason and the Internet at least at the current time this post is written. If you fight for these freedoms after learning this remember that there are consequences for your actions and your insistence on freedom. No one will tell you this world is fair unless they are a liar or naive Freedom isn’t free.

This is why most otherkin, LHP and other minority religious group members do not publicly talk about their belief systems. It’s not always a big conspiracy that causes people to keep secrets. Some people just understand how the world really works and know that being occult and secretive prevents suffering from people who believe their persecution of others is an act of benevolence.

If you are not ready to experience what the rest of us all experience and not equipped to handle it do not make public posts to large target audiences about your minority belief systems like I do and do not bitch and moan when you go through the same thing the rest of us go through as if your experiences are unique, because they are not. You can post anonymously under a pseudoname not publicly connected to your real life name and ID but there is no guarantee you will not be caught and identified by oppressors.

If you lose or risk your reputation, your job, your life, get beaten up with permanent injuries or have your home or religious property vandalized or stolen as a result of doing this your experiences are as old as human history, are not unique and do not make you special. These are common occurrences in the USA which is why secret societies exist here in secret not in public. There are other less common but even more serious risks and dangers possible as well.

You can fight back and you may win or lose. If you win you may gain a lot from winning and if you lose you may lose a lot more than you expect to. Learning to communicate and express yourself clearly is a key factor in success. If you go down this path you should be aware of the risks and consequences so this post is here to educate you briefly on what they are.

If you don’t believe me ask your local Free Mason or member of The Golden Dawn of The Eastern Star or any other minority religion occult group that has been around for a decade or more as long enough to have learned this experience and they will explain it to you. You have been warned.

If my religious beliefs are unacceptable to you burn your bridges with me now and don’t pretend they’re not. We’ll both be a lot happier that way and won’t waste each other’s time. If you do it politely or silently and come back to me later more educated on why you were wrong to do so you may or may not find those bridges rebuildable depending on a lot of factors.

This concept leads to one final note on good advice about not taking these things personally whether you’re the one leaving another over their beliefs or the one watching others leave you for yours, because misunderstandings may be on one or both sides. Learning how and when to leave a situation without conflict in case you learn something new later that changes your mind is an important lesson to learn, because this is a very common experience in the occult.


Otherkin Religious Identity and Otherkin Awakenings

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Copyright: This documentation may be distributed freely, in whole not in part, but may not be sold.


Abrahamic Religion / Abrahamic Faith Religions which claim to be the true religion of the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob (primarily Christianity, Islam and Judaism)

The Gospel of Figure it out for YourselfThis is a term I coined for a path I did not create which is as old as human history. This is the path of creating gospel by researching multiple religious systems and combining this information into your own tangible personal belief system figuring things out for yourself in terms of religion. This path is self guided but requires acquiring knowledge from others both through direct interaction with religions and scholarly research such as reading books and in modern times the Internet.

TorahA Jewish scriptural reference to the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy and Psalms which are also part of the Christian Old Testament and are also connected to the Islamic religion.

The Books of MosesA term referencing the books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy from the Torah, but not Psalms. This reference refers to these books in reference to the theological belief that they were written by Moses.

Part 1: Introduction

This documentation will talk about otherkin, their relationship with different religious systems, religious systems in general which are compatible and incompatible with the otherkin concept, and will end with teaching otherkin reading this about what an awakening is and a brief but straight to the point understanding of what you need to know if you are considering getting one.

A lot of this information, especially in the first section, is going to sound foreign to a lot of people who do not study a lot of different religions. While it may sound foreign or hard to believe to you a good bit of the information presented here is already common knowledge (whether or not considered valid) amoung people who study religion and is considered a religious reality to members of those religions even if it sounds new or hard to believe to you.

I advise approaching this topic with an effort to express tolerance for cultural and religious differences and trying not to look down on other religious systems which have different beliefs than yours or sound crazy to you at first glance. Sometimes social conditioning or just shock value because the theology is so foreign to your current education in your religion can hinder the mind’s judgment. Overcoming this starts with cultural and religious awareness and tolerance.

Most of this information I will speak of here can be looked up online, and part of the intention of this essay is on the expectation some people trying to learn will do this, and maybe pick up a book or two as well to learn more based on what you learn online. Specific points will be referenced here briefly but long enough to explain all the important points to help guide those who want to learn more to do so properly. Take everything you learn, including what I say here, with a grain of salt, because no religions and their teachings are perfect. These are actual belief systems from other religions and how they relate to the concept of otherkin from my personal perception. If anything interests you then you are welcome to research more of it.

I will take some time to talk about angelkin as relative to both Sumerian annunaki and Abrahamic religions since angelkin is an especially relevant and large part of the otherkin community. This will also give a good example of the concept of otherkin and religion that also applies to other types of otherkin in other ways, and the next section of the documentation will be inclusive of all kinds of otherkin.

There will also be a small amount of basic psychological concepts mixed into the section about otherkin and religion in relation of how psychology is impacted by religion as well as how some otherkin related religious views can be impacted by psychology. I will be explaining things mostly for the sake of people who identify as otherkin who will be reading this documentation, but which may also be helpful to people who want to understand what life is like for otherkin.

I am going to touch down on a couple basic points and not elaborate on all their details trying to be direct and get my point across as to how religions relate to the concept of otherkin. It’s going to be a little bit of a long read for me to explain things well, but I’ll try not to waste words and come to my point quickly while at the same time taking enough time to explain concepts that I feel are important.

I do not intend to present my findings as the ultimate dogmatic truth on this concept, but they are what I believe for the time being on my journey through the gospel of figure it out for yourself as an otherkin. This document sums up a small part of my basic knowledge from over a decade of being part of the gospel of figure it out for yourself and I feel confident in the validity of these beliefs myself. Like all humans, otherkin or not, I am not perfect and am capable of making mistakes and being wrong. As you should with any religious teaching take it all with a grain of salt, and if you want to learn more there’s enough information here to easily figure this gospel out for yourself via Internet searching using the terms I’ve posted.

Part 2: Angelkin Identity and Religious Constructs

When someone first hears the word angelkin or any concept of an angel the first thing that pops into most people’s mind, including many angelkin, is the idea that angels originate in the Abrahmic religions. However all may not be as it seems. In talking about angelkin I’ll be sharing basic theology from the Sumerian and Abrahamic religions on this topic and how they relate to this concept.

The word otherkin basically means “more than human” which commonly refers to having a non-human soul. In reincarnation based faiths there’s no such concept as a human or non-human soul, because the body and soul are separate. To identify more with your past life soul than your present one makes the otherkin concept compatible with the reincarnation theology.

In the Abrahamic faiths the soul and the body are the same, so if someone identifies as angelkin they are basically in violation of the established teachings, simply because the concept of reincarnation does not exist in the Abrahamic religion. If you identify as angelkin for example there’s an incompatibility here. It’s one life and then an eternal afterlife of either hell or heaven in the Abrahamic Faiths and therefore you couldn’t have spent past lives being an angel. The same of course applies to any otherkin identity based on this one life and then an eternal fate system.

Interestingly the concept of angels exists in other religions such as the Sumerian faith in which angels are basically ETs who came down from heaven (heaven meaning “above the earth” which science now calls outer space) in ships searching for gold to build more of their ships that traveled through heaven. These are commonly called Annunaki and are humanoid creatures taller than us who have wings like birds with longer lifespans than us. This means if this theology is valid that these old visitors from the Sumerian religion might literally still be alive today in the same form.

Science now tells us gold is the strongest conduit of electricity of all known elements on this planet making it valuable to any ship that runs on electricity, and this new discovery fits in with old teachings on this subject. If real this event may also explain the deficiency of gold on this planet that increases its monetary value due to scarcity.

The belief that angels and demons are ETs isn’t meant to imply a lack of religious and spiritual connotation through a rational scientific explanation. While some might assume this data means mankind is silly to be religious and that it was just something we didn’t understand this is not necessarily the case.

As ETs these beings can still be prayed to or interacted with religiously and through magick just like deities and spiritual beings in other religions. The science presented here is just how this religious aspect is interpreted on the material plane. This belief model and connection to ET life forms also fits in with reincarnation. Most religions which believe in reincarnation generally already interpret reincarnation as being connected to ETs because of the universe’s reincarnation system moving through different planets and reincarnating as different races.

At the risk of having some fools accuse me of disrupting the balance for including this part I will point out that there is an elephant in the room or maybe an ancient occult secret to share here. We live in a world in which the majority populations of all our world religions (the Abrahamic Religions) declare the human race to be the master race over angels and demons and potentially other things, and in the Christian branch of the Abrahamic religion especially humanity in general would be the most important of all God’s creation. Now realign that with the religious belief system that angels and demons and many other things are actually real live ET people with different beliefs than us on this topic.

Notice also that human members of said dominating religion have started exploring space while retaining this belief system of their superiority of what might then turn out to be fellow inhabitants of our galaxy. This has a specific relevance to humanity’s future if this belief system of angels and demons being ETs were to be valid and true. Our perception of the situation would inevitably be different from the perception of another race that is a completely different species from a different planet than us. It may be less different amoung some of them who might have incarnated here as otherkin to experience it in human form.

It’s not hard to explain this in relative human terms. In our own world history Hitler declared the Germans Aryans and the master race over all the other human races in an almost religious cult like fashion. How did Hitler make the Jews feel? While inherently different than humans in terms of thought and emotions this would probably be something similar to the way we would make these ET lifeforms feel about our perception of them in the religious systems of our world’s majority population.

There are numerous implications as to why if valid this religious system may explain both the frequency of angelkin appearing as well as the relevance to why Annunaki ETs do not visit this world at any point in verifiable history we know of with their direct bodies during this time of our religious development as a species.

Many people would pipe up here to claim that in the age of reason with humans being so much more intelligent and educated than in the past that if angels really were ETs and just came to explain things to us the whole thing could go just fine and dandy. I would say this perception might indicate either a lack of understanding of basic human religious behavior historically, a possible reflection of over estimating how far humanity has come in this area or possibly both.

More importantly not only is it unlikely this would go well, but Galatians 1:8 has specifically instructed the entire Christian faith to respond to this event in a way which would make things worse since for some reason someone seems to have anticipated it might happen. There are lots of other reasons for Annunaki to come here as angelkin instead of in their direct bodies, but I just wanted to hit a few of the main ones here.

Galatians 1:8: “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse!” (NIV)

Some lesser known religions on this world consider this basic theology I’ve just briefly summed up here to be a form of enlightenment in their particular belief system. However to a transcendentalist religious system that believes in reincarnation these things are merely scratching the surface of basic enlightenment. This is really just a theology of general intergalactic religious politics. Since the angelkin identity applies to both reincarnation based religion and also to the Sumerian religion this is one example of where studying multiple religions to understand your otherkin identity might be useful to an angelkin.

To understand the angelkin identity and it’s relevance to both the Abrahamic faiths and the Sumerian religion we need to understand the basic timelines on these religions. The Bible does technically and indirectly say the earth, universe, and everything in it is 6,000 years old, but only if you consider the Torah a literal historical account.

To understand this claim you simply locate the list of genealogy and major figures found in the Torah’s different books, factor their listed ages and then factor in the maximum age of 120 declared God’s will when calculating the recorded genealogies, and connect it with traceable history. This calculation puts the Genesis book of creation to circa 6,000 years old.

By contrast Sumerian Tablets of the epic of Gilgamesh are carbon dated as more than 8,000 years old which leads some people, myself included, to believe that the origin of angels and thus the truth behind being angelkin comes from the Sumerian religion not the Abrahamic ones.

There are many Christians who believe the earth is only 6,000 years old based on these factors and many who simply aren’t educated on this part of scripture so that it doesn’t challenge their faith when science contradicts these claims. The belief that the world is 6,000 years old is what is taught in public schools in Texas now based on Christians there who felt this was factual, because they understood this from interpreting the Torah as literal history and made it part of the public curriculum.

This is a contradiction to a lot of science taught by most of America’s public education system and it’s important to remember the balance in church of state and how this will play into our future as we try to crawl out of the dark ages and into the age of reason.

I do not believe the Torah and it’s stories are really as old as claimed or that that they are factual. Some atheists have argued the books of Moses are not written by Moses and were in origin visions later credited to Moses directly to increase people’s faith, and have backed up that claim nicely with the Bible itself and some external historical evidence both in regards to the author and the validity of the visions themselves.

This doesn’t mean that the Abrahamic forms of God do not exist in some form or that they are powerless simply because some of their scripture is disproved, but it does question the credibility of a lot of alleged miracles presented in these texts and challenges the level of authority this God might have as well. If this dispute is accurate it also explains the mysterious absence of these otherwise scripturally common place miracles in modern times in the age of reason when we as a society are more developed in both education and technology that can detect false religious claims more easily.

However I figure if science has confirmed a religion to be older than another religion claims to be and both have contradicting beliefs on what angels are then the older one is probably the religion of origin that came up with the concept of angels, especially in a 2 Millennia timeline difference.

This is of course just one niche of otherkin and how they relate to other religions, and I wanted to touch base on this concept of angelkin since it is one of the largest groups of otherkin on this world and use it as a singular example to explain this concept of otherkin identity and religion. As you might imagine other religious factors affect different kinds of otherkin, and sometimes multiple religions put together, including a transcendental religion that understands reincarnation and also another religion directly connected to an otherkin identity can be good learning experiences for otherkin to understand their self identity.

Part 3: Otherkin Identity in Religion and Psychology

The person who created the concept and terminology of otherkin when I first heard about it in 2003 we were told was a dragonkin who was spoken of in such a way as to indicate like most dragonkin he was a very wise, kind and compassionate person. He died in a car wreck before I arrived in the group, but before passing away he used his training in Reki to create a sigil charged with his Reki magick to help any otherkin who meditated on it remember their past life identity. I do not currently have a copy of this sigil or remember how to draw it from memory.

Otherkin was previously explained in a thesis I wrote on this topic to be souls who are a minority of the population. The majority of people on this world who have spent past lives as animals and are choosing religions that will reincarnate them on new worlds or have been here awhile as humans. A minority of the population is something called “otherkin” which are souls who have spent past lives as more advanced beings and reincarnate here and sort of downgrade into the human experience as a less advanced species than what they were.

This was the general idea behind otherkin as I understood it on message boards around 2003 when I first learned of this topic, but I’ve mixed in my own understandings of reincarnation from Hinduism, because the concept behind otherkin past lives is pretty much compatible with it. Some otherkin may identify as animals, and I guess they could be included in the mix.

There’s an important point here that while the term otherkin may or may not be in their vocabulary there are religions who believe in the otherkin past life identity concept by believing in reincarnation and find it is not incompatible with their belief system but is already part of it. Hinduism is one of the more popular versions of these religions on this world and also one of the oldest religions (or some claim the oldest) on this world that has survived the test of time.

Some of these people can make good guides or bad ones. It’s possible for someone to know they are otherkin but have an inaccurate perception on their self identity as to what kind of otherkin they are. Interacting with others can help with this process, because otherkin or not we are all human and capable of error and so are some of the guides we may choose. This is especially relevant if your otherkin identity is connected to a specific religion already.

In the gospel of figure it out for yourself it’s good to explore different religions and learn from the wisdom of others. People who believe your sense of self identity exists are likely to be more helpful than people who believe it doesn’t exist or who are part of a religious structure that believes it doesn’t even if they aren’t fully educated on their own theology. On the chance the self identity of an otherkin is real it makes more sense to affiliate with religions and religious people who identity with the concept it exists, particularly those trained by their religions in this thing such as official clergy.

Some new meanings seem to have come into the otherkin community since 2003 and different alternative meanings to soul identity appear to apply to the term otherkin now which seem to include magickal bloodlines.

You’ll probably find most people who adhere to the otherkin identity are not really otherkin, but it’s good to be respectful and tolerant of everyone’s religious beliefs including people who are going through a phase and calling themselves otherkin who clearly aren’t, even if you feel they are making the rest of us look bad.

This tolerance and respect is important, because otherwise you upset all sorts of checks and balances that involve religious freedom and any systems created to enforce exclusion from the otherkin paradigm or create regulation within the otherkin community could end up being used against actual otherkin in the future. You don’t have to like someone or even be nice to them to respect or tolerate their religious freedom and behavior, but these checks and balances remain important.

People who are not otherkin but claim to be can often be identified by their expectations of entitlement and to be treated special solely because of their spiritual identity which may exist in some otherkin, but is not common amoung most of the real ones.

To many who experience the otherkin identity as a fad often especially common amoung teenagers there’s an egotistical affiliation that comes with the label which makes it so appealing on a conscious or subconscious level and this is why this particular psychological trait is often a good reference. This is not a surefire test. Some fake otherkin won’t be this way and some real otherkin may be this way. Generally speaking it is a strong indicator though.

Whether or not this psychological trait applies to an otherkin it will normally be projected onto otherkin as part of their psychology when they identify themselves as otherkin to someone who does not believe in otherkin. This will sometimes happen because of their experiences with fake otherkin that lead them to assume the same about real otherkin, especially for people who don’t believe otherkin are real anyway.

It might also be because some reason must be created in a nonbeliever’s mind to explain why someone would choose to identify themselves as something the person projecting these inaccurate flaws onto otherkin is not allowed to believe exist. If their religion prevents them from believing the idea otherkin is valid a rationalization is sometimes required to explain why someone might identify with this label, and the most common motives that people will arrive at usually consist of negative personality traits and psychological flaws. Not everyone in any particular religion will do this by default, but it is a common enough occurrence to mention here.

Additional negative psychological traits that do not apply will often be projected onto otherkin as part of this rationalization process, and for this reason most real otherkin usually learn from this experience not to be too open about their identity in a world where the mainstream religions do not believe this identity exists.

Once projected these negative psychological traits placed upon otherkin are not easily to dispel with rational discussion and there’s an element of lack of respect for religious differences involved as well as what is often a lack of awareness that otherkin is a legitimate religious concept in many other religions that strengthens these beliefs in the mind of said doubters and mockers.

Of course members of religions that accept the concept of otherkin may also not believe in an otherkin’s self identity and may project false negative traits onto them for similar reasons. They may be right and they may be wrong. Often times it’s good to learn from and bond with members of other religions before bringing up the otherkin identity. You are not required to start a relationship with this subject or even mention it to others in order to learn from a religion relative to your otherkin identity.

If you are not otherkin but see yourself as one, or sometimes even if you are otherkin some negative traits perceived in you may actually apply to you that don’t apply to most otherkin labeled with them and it’s important not to get caught up in the experience of assuming the reasons people treat you a specific way are inherently spiritual.

It’s also important to note the otherkin experience of discrimination and the experience of not being otherkin but thinking you are can both create the same reactions from people in a lot of cases, but not everyone involved will be experiencing them for the same reasons. Sometimes the reason is spiritual and other times it’s based on a person’s lack of self awareness of their own personal problems.

The religious factors described above can be a legitimate reason for projecting negative traits onto otherkin that do not apply. Likewise a lack of self awareness can be a valid reason for why people perceive valid negative traits on another person accurately who then uses spirituality as a crutch to rationalize valid negative emotional problems as not being present when they in fact are,due to a lack of basic self awareness.

Externally both of these experiences will look relatively similar in a lot of cases. Otherkin should be aware that the same external experience may happen to other people for different reasons than it is happening to them. Remember this when meeting others who seem to be having the same experience as you and share the otherkin label with you. This is another reason why having good influences in your life is important to the gospel of figure it out for yourself.

This is also why it’s important to have a balance of good influences from a religion which does believe in your sense of otherkin identity and / or is connected to it. Remember they can be good guides or bad ones and you might or might not see whether they are good or bad backwards. That’s always an important part of the adventure of the gospel of figure it out for yourself.

Part 4: Otherkin and Awakenings

Technically anyone can experience an awakening which is when your mind and soul are connected in a new way. With an awakening, which is done with magick, a person’s soul no longer takes the back seat driver version of controlling the brain but steps into the front seat and takes full control metaphorically speaking. This is especially more intense and transformative for otherkin.

When an awakening happens there are usually side effects to this technique for otherkin. The first is that your entire personality will change, which probably means your circle of friends is going to change or at least get modified a little. Your past life personality will become more real than your current life personality. Parts of this may be temporary or not and other parts more permanent, but you will be a different person. With the passage of time you may become more like your old self, but with new things added in or you may be completely different entirely as this process affects different people differently. Some otherkin also have specific rules or founding concepts behind their self identity that will come out in their behavior as well.

We have expectations on us in whatever reason applies to us for which the Deity or deities of reincarnation have decided to let us come and play human. Whether or not the brain becomes fully aware of expectations on behavior and past life goals and ambitions present within the awakened individual they will become more strong and dominant as the soul awakens and takes a front seat instead of a back one in controlling the actions of the said individual.

The awakening process is a big transformation, and to most actual otherkin it will sound pretty appealing. There are risks to be aware of, the first of which is that a complete transformation of the merging of your mind and soul does more than just change your personality. The process takes awhile for your soul to really fit in there and it can be disorienting. A lot of people on the otherkin boards back in the day didn’t like to do these rituals for people they didn’t know, because it’s important to have someone who has experienced it for themselves walk you through the transformation.

Another risk is a noticeable difference in your karma as well which comes with an awakening. At its completion your soul is now a more dominant influence than previously in your brain, and is expected to act in accordance with rules or guidelines by whatever Deity or deities may apply to this identity. Some rules only apply when awakened. After an awakening the soul is often able to follow rules or guidelines expected through the body without conscious awareness of them but it is not guaranteed that the brain will be fully aware of these things or that the soul can do so without the brain’s awareness, and it can sometimes be difficult to experience these things without basic awareness of them.

Consequences for specific actions may also have more extreme results, which can be good or bad depending on what experiences you have. Your past life identity is also more strongly affected by your actions which is even more relevant in cases of otherkin who are spending a lifetime here and then returning to where they came from afterwards. Basically if you have an awakening it’s a big deal that changes your karma and how people interact with you and the level of consequences in a theological sense to your actions will also change.

This can be a considerable risk in doing so that should be considered as should the benefits of theological studies relative to your otherkin identity or just more general awareness in theological studies relative to the concept of otherkin itself before undertaking a transformation of this nature. Having the right information before an awakening can have a big impact on the benefits involved and your progress going through one just by having the proper understanding created from this education.

Even if you devise your own ritual to do this it’s important to know someone who’s been through the transformation of an awakening. They can explain a lot of newly awakening thoughts and perceptions and walk you through it so you understand it better. There is a risk of complete psychosis or partial psychosis if an awakening ritual is not done by someone who knows what they are doing, but when done properly the process won’t make you psychotic, but to understand a lot of things it’s important to have someone who can guide you through it so you don’t get carried away by the experience and make a fool of yourself and also so you develop properly so you don’t make a fool of yourself in the future.

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The 6 Layers of the Veil of Deities

Written / Copyright 5/22/2016 The Magus

Copyright: This document may be distributed freely, in whole not in part, but may not be sold.

Note: The Layers of the veil listed are based on perception through the physical realm. This is based on the pagan ideal of reincarnation and the belief that gods, angels, demons, and other metaphysical beings are ET beings which live on other worlds. The layers of the veil are listed from the physical realm’s perception and may be seen in a different order via other metaphysical perception.  This only applies to religious systems which include ETs, whether or not acknowledged as such by their followers.

The idea behind this is that the closer you are to the top of the veil the more directly connected you are to the actual will of a particular deity, and the farther you are the less connected you are to the true will of a particular deity. Since this article applies to all beings which can be evoked or invoked I am just going to use the word “deity” as a description, but this includes infernal beings who in some perspective can be considered deities in their own right.

  1. The actual deity’s body / soul – This is the most direct connection to a deity where you are connected directly to the deity itself. This is very rare.
  2. The Inner Circle – The inner circle is composed of being who rank under the deity. If you are connected to the inner circle you are connected to the beings who rank under the deity and are in tune with the truest will of the deity in your work.
  3. The Outer Circle – The outer circle is composed of beings who rank under the deity and handle working with those who do not know the true will of a deity and still express loyalty to that deity.
  4. Thought-Forms – Thought-forms may include eggregores, thought form deities, spirits, and god-forms. These are non-physical constructs which often serve the will of a particular magickian rather than working with the will of the actual Kingdom in reference to the deity. In some cases god forms and eggregores can serve as a gateway to the above categories and be connected to the will of a deity or it’s Kingdom as well, but with an indirect connection. These are useful for connecting to large quantities of people and can be used instead of an actual connection to facilitate operations for a particular kingdom without the inconvenience of taking up the time and energy of the above three categories.
  5. Outcasts – The outcasts are souls or bodies which have been cast out of the deity’s kingdom and are no longer affiliated with the deity. These are often directly opposed to the will of a deity and will work with those who are not at all in tune with the deity’s will or the will of His Kingdom, and will often handle and accept requests in magick the actual deity and it’s inner and outer circle will not touch as a result.
  6. Impostors – These are people who have no affiliation with a deity, but which impersonate the deity contacted and activate magick in the name and will of the deity. These may be flesh and blood beings from other worlds who are strongly psychic and can easily change their form in the magickian’s perception to appear as the actual deity or may be spirits who otherwise would not be able to connect to anyone using the impersonation as a method of getting things done.


It should be noted that no matter which of these 6 categories you connect to most magickians will experience the connection as if they are connected to the actual deity itself. Connection to the direct actual deity in category 1 is very rare, and most people will connect to 2 – 4 in their magickal workings. People who connect to 5 and 6 can often over ride this connection by studying and acquiring information about a deity so that their mind is more focused on the actual deity and what they stand for, associating with people who are actually connected to the deity especially in an official religious role, and using the proper sigils and methods create for proper communication. Likewise reading inaccurate information, or associating with people who are connected to categories 5 – 6 can lead a person away from a deity’s will.

While deities who are malevolent or “evil” by human standards can be connected to in the first three categories by like minded people many infernal deities who are not truly evil that are connected to through those who assume they are will find themselves connecting to 5 – 6 as a result. When a person has a form of will that is completely out of line with any particular Kingdom, but believes themselves to be in line with that deity they will often connect to 5 – 6 to get the results that their will desires since 1 – 4 will be incompatible with their will. This creates the experience and belief in their mind they are connected to a particular deity, but this is not necessarily the case.

As you can see from this text there is always a possibility of people being connected to or not connected to the actual will of a deity, but having experiences in magick that might cause them to believe they are, and it is completely possible for different groups to disagree about who is and is not connected to the will of a deity. I will not be sharing any official theology as to who is and is not connected to any particular deity, but hopefully this guide can provide some insight on this topic as to how the connection works and why people claiming to be affiliated with the same deity often have contradicting beliefs about the will of that deity.

An Essay on Good and Evil

Copyright / Written: 9/13/2016 The Magus
Copyright: This document may be distributed freely, in whole not in part, but may not be sold.

Good and evil are first and foremost all about perspective. The ability of “moral reasoning” as it is called in science is located in the frontal lobe of the brain, which is expanded in the human species, but not in animal species who do not possess this ability. Animals operate mostly on instinct in regards to what they do and while humans do this as well a lot of our perception of right and wrong allows us to bypass base instincts and form ideals and concepts through morality in a way animals cannot.

Humans are very social creatures and we adapt and learn much of our morality based on social systems we are a part of. Every society has different viewpoints on what is right and wrong and there is a lot of variance on these things in different Countries, religions, political beliefs and other social divisions which each have their own views of morality. There are similarities and differences in what is right and wrong (or “good” and “evil”) found in each division of moral constructs.

The important thing to understand is that good and evil is a constantly changing social construct. During what is often called the dark ages we did not have a lot of progressive ideals and morals found in modern America many of which are actually recent in the span of world history. Equal rights based on sex, sexuality, race, and religion are generally considered good by many modern Americans.

Meanwhile in the Eastern world a lot of these things we consider good here are considered evil. What is called “radical Islam” is basically members of the Muslim faith whose differences in belief about morality contradict our beliefs in morality at their basic teachings. This is radical to us, and seen as “evil,” but is benevolent to others and seen as “good” in radical Islam. Radical Islam is far more common in the Islamic world that we are led to believe as Americans by most of our standard institutional education and government. [1] One example of radical Islam is the concept of honor killings, and another is Sharia Law. For the sake of time and because religion is only a small part of the scope of this discussion I am going to focus only on honor killings here.

Wikipedia defines “honor killings” which are supported by literally hundreds of millions of people in the Eastern world of Islam [1] as follows: “An honor killing or shame killing is the homicide of a member of a family by other members, due to the perpetrators’ belief that the victim has brought shame or dishonor upon the family, or has violated the principles of a community or a religion, usually for reasons such as refusing to enter an arranged marriage, being in a relationship that is disapproved by their family, having sex outside marriage, becoming the victim of rape, dressing in ways which are deemed inappropriate, engaging in non-heterosexual relations or renouncing a faith.” [2]

While you will note that American morality would tend to indicate it is not the fault of a women if she is raped radical Islamic belief would state that it is. Likewise radical Islam would support these other concepts justifying the killing of women for not being straight, refusing to be forced into marrying someone against their will, dressing sexy / refusing to cover their face, trying to have freedom of religion, etc as mentioned above.

Here we have strong differences seen in morality in the Eastern world and in the Western world. However these differences are not seen merely in the span of geographically divided religious differences but in a lot of other ways within our own country of the USA.

In the span of time we can see differences in our own Country in what is good and what is evil. From the Colonial days where slavery was considered legal, to the days of segregation for black people when they were no longer slaves, to suffrage where women sought equality to men, to equal rights for homosexuals and other non-straight sexualities, to transgender people seeking equal rights. We see here a clear progression where beliefs which were social norms in the Abrahamic faiths and the Countries which supported these religions are wiped out after thousands of years of support in a mere couple Centuries.

This leads to the understanding of the generational gaps in culture and acceptance. As I said humans are social creatures and a lot of the morals we have that tell us what is right and wrong depend on what we learn from society. Racism was once good and right. What many Americans now call hate speech against non-straight people was once considered good, and supporting gay rights was once considered evil. The same is true with woman’s suffrage, etc. The disadvantage to being “ahead of your time” and foreseeing the changes in morality, political opinion, etc and trying to make progress and equality for others is being rejected by society as an outcast in the time in which you are doing this, only to be accepted in the future.


This leads to the phrase “Evil is the new good” which some of you have seen me use. This phrase is indicative of being ahead of your time in that what is considered evil to one generation is later seen as good to another. There are still many Christians in this Country who oppose equal rights for non-straight or transgender people, because we are in a transitional state. Gay marriage, transgenders using the bathrooms with which they identify with, etc are still considered evil by a lot of people, whereas the number of people who consider these things good is slowly increasing as the time gap forms between generations and social norms are adjusted.

The important thing to understand about the phrase “Evil is the new good” is that evil is also the old good. By this I mean that just as things which were once considered evil by society are later considered good, so also are things which are considered good by society later seen as evil. Beyond the examples I’ve cited things we now consider atrocities against man, such as killing scientists who disprove any part of Christianity, killing people for conducting medical research on dead bodies to advance the field of medicine, or a variety of other things once considered heresy and punishable by death are now acknowledged as benevolent and the people who persecuted those who did these things, in the scope of history are looked upon as evil.

Now the concept of “the path of the left hand” is sometimes mentioned in the occult. Most easily this is defined as walking a path that is outside the boundaries of society’s acceptable standards. The path of the left hand and what it entails depends on what society you live in and what is considered good and evil there. For example if you live in a Country where Sharia Law exists and you are a homosexual this is punished by death and rejected by society in general and would qualify. The same is true, even in America, if you live in a bible belt area where there is a lot of negative stigma and you have “rights” but not social acceptance for being gay.

The term “path of the left hand” actually originates in India a long time ago and was used as an insult, because at the time left handed people were believed to be intellectually and morally inferior to right handed people and the term was meant to express this about people who practiced this path. This referred mostly to the newly developing trantric yoga which involves two things that made it a rejected path. The first thing was the use and application of sexual magick for ritual purposes and the second was bypassing the ideal of working with a deity through worship techniques (which is part of Yoga) and focusing more on systematic techniques which had strength based on the techniques themselves and did not rely on worship of a deity. [3]

This term continues to apply in it’s core concept to the path today. You can say the left hand path is right in time, as a play on words with right meaning “correct” because as societies progress this tends to be true. People who are ahead of their time are the ones who help shape our societies and take steps to influence our perceptions of right and wrong. In America a lot of credit for our progression in the concepts I have discussed in this essay go to the FreeMasons who quietly work from the shadows to build a better world of equal rights for all of us.

The freedoms of equal rights based on sex, sexuality, race and religion enjoyed by Americans today were not free. They were paid for with the literal price of the blood, sweat, and tears of left hand path people fighting against the tide of society.

There is one last concept about good and evil which is often referenced by occultists of the Left Hand Path which is the concept of the cat being both good and evil to different species. I’d like to expand on this concept a little bit to try to open people’s perception farther to this concept.

Many people who are animal rights activists falsely claim that humans are the only animal which hunts for sport. A lot of cat owners know this is not true. Cats can be fed every day, but when outside their instincts kick in and they go hunting. Cats do not just hunt and kill animals. They typically give an animal a mortal wound and toy with it for hours before it dies putting it through what is essentially torture to the dying creature. To humans a cat is a sweet loving and benevolent creature, but to the mouse, bird or any other animal the cat is hunting the cat is cruel.

This is the most basic principle on seeing things from the perspective of a different species. If we as humans encountered a species of animal that was more powerful than us, 5 times our size, and went around not just killing humans but mortally wounding them and toying with us for hours we would undeniably see that creature as evil. If these were ET invaders many religious people would be using this to justify evil, even coming up with connections to their own religious teachings to explain this phenomenon.

This analogy can compare to the concept of working with infernal deities / demons. To a person who works with demons these things are friendly and mean the person who evokes them no harm, much like the person who owns a cat. However to the person on the receiving end of a demonic attack these things are horrible and evil, much like the mouse or bird a cat is toying with.

In my own understanding of religious theology I do not see demons as spirits, but as ET lifeforms, evolved from beasts, who take the form of spirits through out of body projection when evoked through magick. I have written some other work on this already, and this is merely my own philosophy and people are more than welcome to disagree with me without any hurt feelings on my end. However if this understanding turns out to be correct the analogy of the cat and mouse and perceiving things differently depending on which side you are on turns out to not be merely an analogy but a literal understanding of an alien species.

[1] Ben Shapiro: The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority

[2] Wikipedia – Honor Killing

[3] “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Hinduism: 2nd Edition” By: Linda Johnsen

The Multi-Verse and the Illusion of Free Will

Copyright / Written 9/8/2016 The Magus

Copyright: This text may be distributed freely, in whole not in part, but may not be sold.

Some basic background information on science is needed here to understand the underlying theological discussions. A dimension is an extent of measurement. In known science there are 4 known dimensions which are length, width, height and time. In quantum science there are 11 or possibly 12 theoretical dimensions beyond this. When you see most people talking about religion in terms of dimensions referring to something from the 12th or 5th dimension you are usually dealing with people taking a religious concept and making it sound scientific so it seems more plausible when they do not even understand what the scientific words they are using mean. You cannot go to or from a dimension because dimensions are extents of measurement through which movement of something takes place, not sources or destinations of something.

A dimension is an extent of measurement can be graphed out. For example a 2 dimensional graph is called a plane which measures 2 dimensions such as length and width. A 3 dimensional measurement is called a Matrix, which measures usually length, width, and height. Imagine there existed an entire set of sentient beings who existed on a plane of length and width in which there was no third dimension of width that they were able to have any awareness of, but which still existed. If a sphere were to pass through the plane from within a matrix that the 2 dimensional sentient beings were not aware existed it would appear as a circle that appears like magick slowly grows bigger, and then grows smaller and disappears. Since a sentient being is only aware of the existence of 2 dimensions they are unable to explain or understand this phenomenon and see it in terms of what they understand.

The Multi-verse theory (which is a scientific theory) is the idea that for every choice an individual makes an entire universe exists in which that choice was manifest. This seems far fetched since our perception of awareness is mostly three dimensional and our brains experience time as linear, but is considered a plausible theory in science. Therefore the easiest way to divide this is into a simple binary concept of 1 / 0 (yes / no.) You either do something or don’t do something, and whether or not you make a choice to do something or a choice to not do something this leads to additional choices that would not be available to you if the other choice had been made. Even in a situation where more than two choices exist this diagram is good for mapping the multi-verse, because you have to do or not do something before proceeding to the alternative decisions.

In the multi-verse theory the perception we have of time-space in the 4-dimensional world (the 4th dimension is time) is perceived only on the choices we experience. We experience reality as if we made or did not make a choice, and the choice we did not make is not experienced in our consciousness stored in the brain. We do not experience the alternate choices that we experience as not being choices we made, and because we do not experience them we feel as if they are not part of our personal reality. The consciousness is therefore being divided into further and further realities the longer we progress through time and we become aware of less and less of the alternate timelines which exist as new choices come into our personal reality that we can experience.

Time is also a dimension which like all dimensions can also be measured on a numerical scale such as with clocks. As sentient beings we experience time as if it is linear. This means we experience going through life, making choices, dealing with the responses of our choices and this entire experience can be measured by us on a linear scale. We do not experience any reality where other choices exist that we have not made, and therefore from our 4 dimensional perception time appears to be linear. If other realities existed in parallel universes from alternative choices we are not experiencing our human brains have no awareness of these choices. If time were in fact non-linear and alternative time-lines existed we would not experience this in the same way a sentient being which was unaware of a third dimension could not experience what a three dimensional object was even if it passed through their two dimensional awareness.

If time were a measurable dimension and choices created through free will were another dimension you could graph the time space continuum of this universe in two dimensions on a plane as a graph, and draw this as a singular line that splits again and again for every choice made. This unseen dimension might be difficult to grasp in the same sense that sentient beings in a 2D plane could not grasp the concept of a 3D sphere moving through their 2D plane, because they have no conscious awareness of or ability to connect to directly to a third dimension. Likewise our brains do not grasp the concept of the multi-verse theory as immediately obvious since we do not perceive reality outside a smaller construct in which we experience only one choice for each expression of free will.

Just as 3D travel through a matrix into a 2D plane that has no understanding or awareness of the 3D dimension so would we with our perception of only 4 Dimensions not be aware of another dimension that connects directly to time which for the sake of this discussion we can just call choice. Adding choice as dimension you would have 12 theoretical dimensions in quantum physics instead of 11, including the known 4 dimensions.

The concept of the multi-verse states that a whole entire universe (or parallel universe as it is commonly called) exists for every choice we do not experience, and in that alternate universe another version of ourselves is experiencing the choice we did not make in the reality we perceive in the universe we are currently in. If you traveled back in time to change the past you would merely create one more timeline in addition to the nearly infinite forms of timelines and correlating parallel universes which already exist with the old timeline remaining intact as well.

While we experience time as if it is linear (moving in a singular direction like a straight line) the multi-verse theory states that time is not linear and in fact branches out for every choice which we make. This is difficult to grasp as our human consciousness only experiences one branch out for every choice made so when we remember things in our brain we only remember the choice me made and have no memory of the choices we didn’t make which are in a separate universe stored in the brains and consciousness of alternate versions of ourselves.

Choices which we appear to be able to make and choices which we actually make may be different. For example an extremely moral person may be faced with what we identify with as a choice to do the right thing or the wrong thing. However due to that person’s moral nature only one manifestation of a choice may exist for them which is to do the right thing and there may be no branch off. Likewise where there doesn’t appear to be an obvious choice a choice may exist, such as to engage or not engage in a particular thought on a particular subject which leads to more choices. The point where choices do and do not exist may not be inherently obvious.

The Hindu transcendentalists refer to our concept and perception of the material realm in the 4-D perception we have of it as Maya, which is transliteration of a Sanskrit word that means illusion. The idea behind this concept is that what we experience as reality is intentionally there to create a barrier preventing us from full consciousness to the divine and all aspects of reality we are not aware of.

This concept applies to the multi-verse. Choices do exist, but we cannot perceive reality as we know it in this construct and perceive all the choices we are not experiencing at the same time.

Therefore our consciousness is divided in this illusion where we experience a linear set of choices. Whether we choose choice A or choice B in the concept of the multi-verse theory we have not actually chosen the choice itself, but merely chosen which reality we enter into and which experience we have. Another part of ourselves has chosen to experience the alternate reality and each choice we have not chosen the alternate choice exists and has an entire universe of physical reality behind it and exists. This applies to every person individually that has the power of choice (provided by having a soul) and nearly infinite realities and parallel universes are formed as a result.

The idea behind this material existence is that we live in the realm of Assiah, which is a Kabbalah reference to a realm in which action is possible. This means it is possible to make choices and do things. All souls come from the source, and inevitably will one day return to the source. There are different terms for the source, and the most common one known to most people is “nirvana” which is a place of rest where Assiah (actions and choices) do not exist.

When we return to the source the division of our consciousness, spread out into nearly infinite paths of multiple universes, each created for every choice we make, all returns to us at once. Every choice we have experienced, and all the other choices, and all the alternative timelines and multiple universes created from each choice which exist that our current consciousness is separated from are all realized and understood.

While today it is easy to grieve over choices we could have made and are not currently experiencing it’s important to remember that free will is an illusion. We did in fact make both the choice we wish we were experiencing and the choice we are now experiencing, and when we return to the source, a realm of perfect peace and rest we will have lots of time to reflect on all the choices we have made from which our current human conciseness is currently not experiencing until such a time as we choose to once again enter the reincarnation system and have more experiences once again.

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